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title image: Provisioning infrastructure using the AWS Proton open source Backstage plugin

Provisioning infrastructure using the AWS Proton open-source Backstage plugin

Introduction The concept of the Internal Developer Platform (IDP) is becoming increasingly popular as it’s an innovative way for organizations to boost development velocity and reduce time to market. The IDP provides a set of shared capabilities that provide a standardized way for development teams to deploy applications to production. It is common for these […]

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Title image: Using AWS Proton as a provisioning mechanism for Amazon EKS clusters

Using AWS Proton as a provisioning mechanism for Amazon EKS clusters

AWS customers have a number of options they can use to deploy Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) clusters. They can use the EKS console workflows, the eksctl CLI, the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK), or several other options. There is often a single Ops-savvy user (or team) picking one of these options to […]

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How to use components to augment the infrastructure in an AWS Proton template

Introduction AWS Proton is a managed service that helps platform engineers scale their impact by defining, vending, and maintaining infrastructure templates for self-service deployments. With Proton, customers can standardize centralized templates to meet security, cost, and compliance goals. Proton helps platform engineers scale up their impact with a self-service model, resulting in higher velocity for […]

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Introducing new templates to the AWS Proton template library

Today, we are announcing new additions to the AWS Proton sample template library. The library is a curated set of AWS Proton templates that use AWS best practices for popular applications such as a load-balanced web application or an Amazon API Gateway backed by AWS Lambda. You can use the library to deploy these common […]

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AWS Proton Self-Managed Provisioning

This is part two of two blog posts regarding this release: in this post, we address a second feature that recently launched, which is connecting AWS Proton with a self-managed provisioning workflow. To read part one, where we cover how to author AWS Proton Templates using HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL) and Terraform, see AWS Proton Terraform […]

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Diagram of AWS Proton Service Template

AWS Proton Terraform Templates

At re:Invent 2020, AWS launched a new service, AWS Proton, aimed at helping automate and manage infrastructure provisioning and code deployments for serverless and container-based applications. At launch, AWS CloudFormation was the only option available to customers for provisioning their infrastructure through AWS Proton. Supporting HashiCorp Terraform is currently the most upvoted item on our public […]

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