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Scale applications using multi-Region Amazon EKS and Amazon Aurora Global Database: Part 2

This is the second in a two-part series about scaling applications globally using multi-Region Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) and Amazon Aurora Global Database. In Part 1, you learned the architecture patterns and foundational pillars of a multi-Region application design. In this post, we use the read local and write global design pattern to scale, […]

Deploy a high-performance database for containerized applications: Amazon MemoryDB for Redis with Kubernetes

More and more organizations are building their applications using microservices for operational efficiency, agility, scalability, and faster time to market. Microservices and containers have emerged as building blocks for modern applications, and Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for managing containers at scale. Applications running on Kubernetes need a database that provides ultra-fast performance, high availability […]

Scale applications using multi-Region Amazon EKS and Amazon Aurora Global Database: Part 1

AWS offers a breadth and depth of services that helps you run and scale your critical workloads in multiple Regions on AWS’ global footprint. Whether you need a multi-Region architecture to support disaster recovery or bring your applications and the backend database into close proximity to your customers to reduce latency, AWS gives you the […]

Deploy Amazon RDS databases for applications in Kubernetes

The Kubernetes container orchestration system provides numerous resources for managing applications in distributed environments. Many of these applications need a searchable storage system for their data that is secure, durable, and performant. Developers want to focus on continuously improving their apps rather than having to worry about the operational functions of their databases. They also […]

Running highly available Microsoft SQL Server containers in Amazon EKS with Portworx cloud native storage

In this blog post, we explain the deployment of Microsoft SQL Server on containers using Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS). The same approach and principles discussed here also apply to any other stateful application that needs high availability (HA) and durability combined with a reusable and repeatable DevOps practice. Example use cases […]