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Enforce configuration policies for your Amazon RDS databases using AWS Config

In today’s cloud-enabled enterprise, multiple teams take on the responsibility of creating and managing databases. The challenge that you may face is the enforcement of your company’s standard configuration policies—how do you make sure that all databases are following the database configuration standards consistently? This is where AWS Config can help. In this post, I […]

Evaluate Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) configurations using AWS Config

It’s common practice for organizations to define compliance and standards for all applications and software they interact with, such as databases, storage, network, and compute. The key drivers are to comply with different regulations to achieve security and audit certifications according to the domain they operate in. AWS Config allows you to create rules and […]

Visualize your AWS Infrastructure with Amazon Neptune and AWS Config

As an organization, you run critical applications on AWS, and the infrastructure that runs those critical applications can be spread across different accounts and have complex relationships. When you want to understand the landscape of your existing setup, it can seem daunting to go through lists of resources and try to understand how the resources […]