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Fast-forward your database and analytics migrations with Amazon DMA

Amazon Database Migration Accelerator (Amazon DMA) helps you accelerate migrations to AWS Databases and Analytics services. Amazon DMA is comprised of migration domain experts including engineers, who can assist you with your migration strategy and planning to deploying your applications and databases to a production environment. Amazon DMA helps build a strong foundation for AWS Databases and Analytics service adoption, and acts as a force multiplier as part of your modernization strategy.

In this post, we discuss two features of Amazon DMA: Advisors and Migrations. If you qualify, then Amazon DMA offers Advisors and their expertise spans workload analysis, migration strategy, future state design, and migration planning. Amazon DMA Migrations are fixed price migration offers that are priced based on a tiered complexity model. Amazon DMA can also assist you in deploying your workloads to production environments.

Amazon DMA Advisors

Amazon DMA Advisor engagements start with migration strategy and planning including detailed analysis of workloads and development of future state design. This is followed by recommendations for workloads suitable for Amazon DMA Migrations. If you’re building your own Center of Excellence or equivalent capability to grow your internal migration expertise, Amazon DMA Advisors are available to participate and stay engaged until migrations are deployed to production.

Amazon DMA Migrations

Amazon DMA Migrations are fixed-price offerings delivered by AWS engineers using AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) and other AWS tools. There are three fixed-price tiers for Amazon DMA Migrations (category 1, 2, and 3) reflecting increasing complexity and effort. These migrations include database conversion, required application refactoring, and appropriate testing agreed upon with you to ensure completed workloads are functioning as committed in your pre-production environment.

Upon delivery of Amazon DMA Migrations, you can move workloads into production, or use AWS Professional Services or the Amazon Partner Network (APN) to assist in the process. Amazon DMA also offers fixed-price production deployment assistance tailored to your needs. This offering could include migration orchestration, integration engineering, performance tuning, and deployment assistance to a production environment.


In this post, we have provided you an overview of how you can leverage Amazon DMA to accelerate your migrations to AWS Databases & Analytics services.

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About the Author

Sharath Gopalappa is a Sr. Product Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS) with focus on helping organizations modernize their technology investments with AWS Databases & Analytics services.