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Boosting application performance and reducing costs with Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

Contributed by Senior Software Development Engineer, Shawn Wang, Software Development Engineer, Maddy Olson, and Senior Manager, Software Engineering, Itay Maoz. Amazon ElastiCache for Redis helps customers achieve extreme performance with very low latencies at cloud scale and minimal management costs. Redis’s high performance, simplicity, and support for diverse data structures have made it the most […]

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How Cloudability boosted performance, simplified tuning, and lowered costs with Amazon Aurora

Cloudability is a cloud cost-management platform that empowers enterprises to run with known cloud financials and full accountability. Our platform collects an avalanche of billing and utilization data points—33 million per resource, with over 275,000 services and options from each cloud vendor and more than 1,000 new services rolled out annually per cloud provider. Using […]

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Understanding Burst vs. Baseline Performance with Amazon RDS and GP2

When we think about database storage, the dimensions that matter are the size, latency, throughput, and IOPS of the volume. IOPS stands for input/output (operations) per second, and latency is a measure of the time it takes for a single I/O request to complete. As you can imagine, latency and IOPS are closely related and […]

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