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Migrating to Amazon Aurora MySQL with fallback option using GTID-based replication

When migrating production applications, it is often important to have a fallback option. This blog post demonstrates how to use global transaction identifier (GTID)-based replication to migrate Amazon RDS MySQL workloads to Amazon Aurora MySQL. We also discuss how to use a fallback mechanism in case you encounter any issues. For more information about GTID-based […]

Replicating Amazon EC2 or On-Premises SQL Server to Amazon RDS for SQL Server

Amazon RDS for SQL Server is a managed Microsoft SQL Server database service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale SQL Server deployments in the cloud. Amazon RDS takes away the time-consuming database administration activities so that you can focus on your schema design, query construction, query optimization, and building your application. […]

Using AWS Database Migration Service and Amazon Athena to Replicate and Run Ad Hoc Queries on a SQL Server Database

Prahlad Rao is a solutions architect at Amazon Web Services. When you replicate a relational database to the cloud, one of the common use cases is to enable additional insights on the replicated data. You can apply the analytics and query-processing capabilities that are available in the AWS Cloud on the replicated data. To replicate […]

Cross-Engine Database Replication Using AWS Schema Conversion Tool and AWS Database Migration Service

Prahlad Rao is a solutions architect at Amazon Web Services. Customers often replicate databases hosted on-premises to the AWS Cloud as a means to migrate database workloads to AWS, or to enable continuous replication for database backup and disaster recovery. You can both migrate and perform continuous replication on the AWS Cloud with AWS Database […]