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AWS announces availability of Elastic fleets with Amazon AppStream 2.0

Amazon AppStream 2.0 Elastic fleets help customers remove capacity management tasks and reduce costs.  AppStream 2.0 is a fully managed, non-persistent application and desktop streaming service that enables users to access the resources they need securely, from anywhere. Applications and data are securely streamed across the network as encrypted pixels. With AppStream 2.0, companies can quickly scale their applications and desktop resources to any number of users across the globe without managing any infrastructure and without needing to rewrite their applications.

Elastic fleets are a serverless fleet type that removes the need for customers to predict usage, create and manage AWS Auto Scaling policies and create images. When users select applications to launch, AppStream 2.0 assigns a streaming instance from an AWS-managed pool of streaming instances. It then downloads and launches the application from a virtual hard disk. Elastic fleets bill per second for the duration of the streaming session. The charge rate is based on the instance type, size, and operating system selected. Elastic fleets charge only for the duration of the streaming session, in seconds. Customers are able to reduce costs when compared to the same instance type and size as Always-On and On-Demand fleets.

SynchroNet is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and a global leader within the AWS ecosystem that helps enterprise, software vendor, and public sector companies deploy Amazon AppStream 2.0 at scale. SynchroNet recently evaluated Elastic fleets and provided their feedback:

“With the launch of Elastic fleet type for AppStream 2.0, we’re able to help our customers start streaming their applications faster with less technical setup. The pricing model of per second billing makes this service even more attractive to use. It allows scaling down the fleet to $0 when no usage is active.

For one of our customers with thousands of end users in a call center supporting their retail business, we analyzed a 21% cost saving by migrating over to Elastic fleets. This takes advantage of the new per second billing, especially when users would disconnect from their session right after another hour is billed.”

– Bryan Luce, General Manager of Digital Workplace at SynchroNet

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