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.NET at re:Invent 2021

Running .NET applications on AWS has never been better and our sessions at re:Invent this year reflect that excitement. All our sessions are for builders who want real-world insights and coding examples they can immediately apply in their applications. We also have a virtual option for those who cannot make it to Las Vegas. This is going to be a great year for .NET on AWS!

.NET Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions will be available for customers either in person and now also virtually.

What’s new with .NET development and deployment on AWS

Developers are continually looking for ways improve deployments of .NET applications to reduce errors and increase productivity. New deployment tooling incorporates best AWS practices right from the start, providing you with recommendations and the optimal deployment option for your .NET application. Additional automation helps you create a repeatable deployment process for your application that you can store and share across teams and projects. In this session, see how deployments using a new set of open-sourced tools can help you more efficiently develop .NET applications and focus on application business logic to deliver well-architected cloud-native .NET applications.

ID: XNT301 | Type: Breakout | Speaker: Norm Johanson

Implementing observability for .NET apps on AWS

Are you confident you can quickly identify service problems and resolve performance issues at scale? Isolating and remediating performance problems in the cloud, particularly with modern, distributed, microservice architectures is challenging. In this session, see how to implement observability for your .NET applications using logs, metrics, and traces that unlock your ability to build better systems and increase operational efficiency. Learn AWS best practices for implementing observability with services including Amazon CloudWatch, AWS X-Ray, and AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry.

ID: XNT302 | Type: Breakout | Speakers: Imaya Kumar Jagannathan, Greg Eppel

Accelerate .NET 6 performance with Arm64 on AWS Graviton2

In this session, learn how to achieve up to 30% more performance and 40% better price performance over comparable current-generation x86-based instances running .NET 6 applications on AWS Graviton2. Dive into the details on how to compile ASP.NET Core for Arm64 and deploy to Graviton2. Next, learn how to automate the deployment process with an Arm64-based CI/CD pipeline and benchmark a sample application on both Graviton2 and x86 instances to quantify the benefits. Finally, explore differences in threading strategies versus x86-based instances and other optimization techniques that will give you the confidence to build .NET 6 applications with Graviton2.

ID: XNT303 | Type: Breakout | Speakers: Kirk Davis, Carlos Santos

Modernizing .NET applications with purpose-built databases

Do you want to get the most out of your existing .NET applications in terms of database performance, scalability, and value but don’t want to make wholesale changes to your application? Do you want to understand how moving to a key-value or search database can impact your code? AWS has 15 purpose-built databases that .NET developers can use to help supplement or completely replace traditional relational databases. In this session, learn how to take an existing .NET application and move a segment of the relational database to a purpose-built database.

ID: XNT304 | Type: Breakout | Speakers: Thorr Giddings, Chad Tindel

Build high-performance .NET serverless architectures on AWS

Are your .NET serverless applications tuned for performance? In this session, learn AWS architectural best practices for .NET serverless applications that help you save development time, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Also learn various serverless architectures and implementation design patterns for connecting NoSQL or relational data stores that will help optimize key performance capabilities, including cold-start times in .NET AWS Lambda functions.

ID: XNT401 | Type: Breakout | Speakers: Brian Beach, Andy Hopper

Additional Sessions for Attendees

If you’re attending in person, we have two additional .NET sessions for you to attend:

Modern .NET applications: Infrastructure as code and CI/CD

This hands-on workshop takes you through an end-to-end ASP.NET application modernization scenario. In this workshop, take an existing .NET Framework application, analyze and identify components to be modernized, and then modernize it using AWS tools and best practices for .NET. Finally, use modern infrastructure-as-code tools to create the resources to host the application in the cloud, along with an automated deployment pipeline.

ID: XNT306 | Type: Workshop | Speakers: Ulili Nhaga, Steven David

Strategies for deconstructing your .NET monolith

Are you looking to accelerate your .NET modernization project by quickly and effectively breaking down your legacy .NET monolith? This chalk talk discusses strategies AWS customers have used to evaluate their portfolio of applications and determine AWS supported tools to use to help break apart legacy applications. Next, this chalk talk discusses alternatives for refactoring certain application types (based on an audience vote) into cloud-native applications. The talk also covers strategies for modernizing existing applications and how to prioritize, as well as when to lift and shift versus refactor your .NET monolith into independent services.

ID: XNT307 | Type: Chalk Talk | Speakers: Runeet Vashisht, Brian Lewis, Hasnat Naveed


Tickets for in-person attendees are sold out, but you can still register as a virtual attendee at the AWS re:Invent website. There is no cost to attend virtually.