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Build and Deploy a Microsoft .NET Core Web API application to AWS App Runner using CloudFormation

In this blog we show you how to build a Microsoft.NET Web API application with Amazon Aurora Database using AWS App Runner. AWS App Runner makes it easy for developers to quickly deploy containerized web applications and APIs, and helps us start with our source code or a container image. Container workload management tasks, such […]

Asynchronous Logging in Corretto 17

While working with an AWS service team to diagnose unexpected Garbage Collection (GC) pauses, the Amazon Corretto team discovered that applications were being throttled by I/O blocking while writing logs to disk. As a result, we decided to implement and contribute async-logging(JDK-8229517)) to OpenJDK 17. In this post, we’re going to explain how you can […]

Introducing Smart Configuration Defaults in the AWS SDK for Java v2

The default configuration in the AWS SDK for Java v2 just got smarter! We are pleased to announce a new SDK feature —⁠ smart configuration defaults in the AWS SDK for Java v2 (version 2.17.102 or later), which vends a set of predefined sensible default values tailored to common usage patterns. With this new opt-in […]

Tips & Tricks: Debugging your C# CDK project in Visual Studio

NOTE: This post assumes the reader has some familiarity with the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK). To get started with the AWS CDK, please visit the AWS CDK Developer Guide and follow the AWS CDK for .NET workshop. The AWS CDK is an an open-source Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) framework that allows developers to model and provision […]

Increasing development speed with CDK Watch

The AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) CLI introduces a new mode of operation, cdk watch, and two new flags for cdk deploy, –hotswap and –no-rollback. cdk watch makes development faster by monitoring your code and assets for changes and automatically performing the optimal form of deployment every time a file change is detected, meaning you […]

How customer feedback shaped the AWS Cloud Development Kit version 2

The DevOps movement has blurred the line between runtime code and infrastructure code, and it’s no surprise that engineers want to write both in the same language. This is why we created the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), which enables you to define your cloud Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using the familiarity and expressive power […]

Announcing preview release for the generational mode to the Shenandoah GC

The Amazon Corretto team is excited to announce the preview release for the generational mode to the Shenandoah GC. This is a result of our collaboration with Red Hat on a significant GC contribution: the addition of a generational mode to traditional single generation Shenandoah. One of the primary advantages of Java is that the Java […]

AWS re:Invent 2021 .NET Track

.NET at re:Invent 2021

Running .NET applications on AWS has never been better and our sessions at re:Invent this year reflect that excitement. All our sessions are for builders who want real-world insights and coding examples they can immediately apply in their applications. We also have a virtual option for those who cannot make it to Las Vegas. This […]