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Part 2: Microservices: Technical, Organizational, or Business Architecture? Yes

Organizations which design systems…are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations. — M. Conway In a previous post, I covered what microservices are and their benefits. My aim was to help non-technical executives understand what microservices are and the role they play in supporting business objectives. Implemented correctly, a microservices architecture […]

Part 1: Microservices: Technical, Business, or Organizational Architecture? Yes

With a bucket of Legos, you can tell any story. You can build an airplane or a dragon or a pirate ship—it’s whatever you can imagine. Christopher Miller One of the hallmarks of any digital transformation is increased speed and agility. Decisions need to be made more quickly using data and algorithms. Digital services need […]

Modernizing How You Build, Part 2—Taking the first step

In my previous post, I examined the modern application and highlighted the typical approach used to build modern applications: Shrink the scope. Choose the right tool for the job. Offload the undifferentiated pieces. Connect the building blocks. Automate everything. AWS continues to build services that make choosing the right tool for the job, offloading the […]

Modernizing How You Build, Part 1—The Modern Application

As an Enterprise Strategist, I spend time with customers discussing modern practices and techniques that enterprises are adopting to create business agility. These practices and techniques are also the foundation of today’s “modern application.” However, defining the “modern application” for builders and leaders can be difficult for one very important reason: the “modern application” does […]