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Community update for Amazon GameSparks

As this year is ending, we want to provide an update on Amazon GameSparks, which is the upcoming addition to the AWS Game Tech portfolio that was pre-announced at GDC this past July. Amazon GameSparks will be a managed service that provides backend feature tools for building, running, and scaling games. Built from the ground up using AWS primitives, this new service will offer deep integration with AWS and build upon the learnings from GameSparks.

Over the past few months, we worked with a few of our game customers and shared a glimpse of what we have been working on through a private beta. Participants in the beta were invited from a range of studios to best represent the diverse needs of the industry. Customers have told us that they are excited to leverage Amazon GameSparks to develop games that can scale globally across platforms. We received great community feedback that is helping us iterate and expand on features. We will continue to work with the game developer community as we design and build Amazon GameSparks to enable customers to create amazing games without having to manage backend game infrastructure.

We are excited for the development journey ahead. Sign up to stay informed about the new Amazon GameSparks.