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Introducing AWS GameTime – a new AWS Twitch show

Contributors: Camille Jubin – Account Executive for France – AWS for Games, Darren Ko – Solutions Architect – SMB UKIR, Darshi McKenzie – Account Executive – AWS for Games, Florencia Huart – Senior Account Manager – AWS for Games, Taras Mogetich – EMEA Senior Business Development Rep – AWS for Games, Tristan Greaves – Solutions Architecture Leader, Game Tech UK & IR

Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Games is excited to launch AWS GameTime, a new monthly 1-hour livestream on the AWS Twitch channel & AWS Game Tech Twitch Channel. AWS GameTime is for gamers and budding game developers who want to go “behind-the-scenes” and learn how their favorite gaming experiences are made on AWS. The livestream is dedicated to showcasing game developers, playing their games and sharing their stories and expertise from the video game industry.

Come “behind-the-scenes” with AWS Game Time

Come “behind-the-scenes” with AWS GameTime

Each episode is hosted live and our Twitch viewers get the chance to directly chat with the creators and game industry veterans of their favorite games. The casual interview setting is the perfect way to ask lots of questions about their game design and game development process. Our AWS GameTime audience will learn tips such as how to kickstart a career in the games industry, how to choose the right game development services on AWS and how to engage an early-adopter community. From time to time, our AWS GameTime guests may also share exclusive news, easter egg content and merchandise!

From time to time, our AWS Game Time guests may also share exclusive news, easter egg content and merchandise!

Of course we have a gameplay segment!

Video games are supposed to be played! AWS GameTime is the chance for game developers to show off exciting gameplay to our viewers. During the gameplay segment, we discover what makes their game fun to play and we get into the details behind design choices and unique game mechanics. Our viewers often get a sneak peak at the weird bloopers and hilarious gameplay bugs the developer team have worked hard to fix. As always, we encourage our viewers to share their feedback in the Twitch chat.

Of course we have a gameplay segment!

In 2023, gaming is for everyone and we are proud to support the game developer community

Video game creators are now able to share their vision and journey with a growing, global audience and gaming has been transformed by innovations in mobile devices, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality and realistic, high-fidelity graphics. In 2023, gaming is truly for everyone, grandmas play Animal Crossing, teenagers brag about their Fortnite skills, and audience-controlled bots play Pokemon!

The AWS GameTime team are passionate about creating a unique livestream for gaming-related discussion and community. We would love to hear suggestions for games and game developers to be showcased on future AWS GameTime episodes. Come join AWS GameTime on Twitch at 4pm BST on the 1st Thursday of every month and check out our previous episodes on-demand on YouTube and Twitch.

AWS are also proud to continue supporting the game developer community and we want to highlight the best games from indie studios to AAA game studios built on AWS. Contact us to collaborate on a future episode or to start building next-generation gaming experiences on AWS for Games.

Keep gaming and keep building on AWS! #awsgametime

Keep gaming and keep building on AWS! #awsgametime