Call for participation: RADIUSS Tutorial Series

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and AWS are joining forces to provide a training opportunity for emerging HPC tools and application. RADIUSS (Rapid Application Development via an Institutional Universal Software Stack) is a broad suite of open-source software projects originating from LLNL. Together we are hosting a tutorial series to give attendees hands-on experience with these cutting-edge technologies. We are calling on you to participate in these events.
Various logos for the RADIUSS projects.

This virtual series consists of seven distinct tutorials through the month of August. Each tutorial focuses on a specific package from the RADIUSS suite. You will get hands-on experience with each project and learn more about HPC deployments on AWS. Each event will be hosted on AWS resources and use AWS ParallelCluster to provide an HPC environment to attendees.

LLNL has a long history of delivering some of the world’s largest supercomputers and the supporting software to effectively use them. This collaboration between LLNL and AWS brings these projects and industry best practices to a broader community. Together we are democratizing access to next generation computational research tools and HPC resources.

How to Participate

Come join us in learning how these projects can help advance your HPC research and improve efficiency. These tutorials provide a great opportunity to learn modern techniques and tools in an adaptive cloud environment.

To register your interest, sign up for the tutorials through the RADIUSS event form. Details of each event and registration deadlines are listed in the following table.

Package Description Event Date Signup Deadline
Spack Learn to install your software quickly with Spack August 1-2 July 25
BLT Build, link, and test large-scale applications with BLT August 8 August 1
Caliper Integrate performance profiling capabilities into your applications with Caliper August 10 August 3
MFEM Use MFEM for scalable finite element discretization application development August 15 August 8
Flux Learn to run thousands of jobs in a workflow with Flux August 17 August 10
Ascent Visualize and analysis your simulations in situ with Ascent August 23 August 16
RAJA Use RAJA to run and port codes quickly across NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel GPUs August 25 August 18

We’re excited about this opportunity to give back to the HPC community alongside LLNL and look forward to meeting you all over the duration of the event.

Oliver Perks

Oliver Perks

Oliver is a Senior Developer Advocate for HPC at AWS. Prior to AWS, Olly has a decade of experience within the HPC community, and was most recently an HPC applications engineer at Arm, enabling customers across the globe to build applications for Arm-based architectures.