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Create a Slurm cluster for semiconductor design with AWS ParallelCluster

Create a Slurm cluster for semiconductor design with AWS ParallelCluster

If you work in the semiconductor industry with electronic design automation tools and workflows, this guide will help you build an HPC cluster on AWS specifically configured for your needs. It covers AWS ParallelCluster and customizations specifically to cater to EDA.

Real-time quant trading on AWS

Real-time quant trading on AWS

In this post, we’ll show you an open-source solution for a real-time quant trading system that you can deploy on AWS. We’ll go over the challenges brought on by monitoring portfolios, the solution, and its components. We’ll finish with the installation and configuration process and show you how to use it.

HTC-Grid – examining the operational characteristics of the high throughput compute grid blueprint

The HTC-Grid blueprint meets the challenges that financial services industry (FSI) organizations for high throughput computing on AWS. This post goes into detail on the operational characteristics (latency, throughput, and scalability) of HTC-Grid to help you to understand if this solution meets your needs.

Benchmarking the Oxford Nanopore Technologies basecallers on AWS

Oxford Nanopore sequencers enables direct, real-time analysis of long DNA or RNA fragments. They work by monitoring changes to an electrical current as nucleic acids are passed through a protein nanopore. The resulting signal is decoded to provide the specific DNA or RNA sequence by virtue of  compute-intensive algorithms called basecallers. This blog post presents the benchmarking results for two of those Oxford Nanopore basecallers — Guppy and Dorado — on AWS. This benchmarking project was conducted in collaboration between G42 Healthcare, Oxford Nanopore Technologies and AWS.

BioContainers are now available in Amazon ECR Public Gallery

Today we are excited to announce that all 9000+ applications provided by the BioContainers community are available within ECR Public Gallery! You don’t need an AWS account to access these images, but having one allows many more pulls to the internet, and unmetered usage within AWS. If you perform any sort of bioinformatics analysis on AWS, you should check it out!