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Resilience builds lab supply feature card

Resilience builds lab supply chain tracking platform on AWS

We would like to acknowledge the valuable contributions of (Resilience) Bridget Smith, Senior Systems Engineer; Jonathan Rivernider, Lab Systems Engineer; Brian McNatt, Digital Research Sites Head; John Kerwin, Tech Head of Gene Therapy; Rachel Anderson, Specialist II, Supply Chain; (iOLAP) Alex Guerrero, Principal Solutions Architect; Marko Kos, Data Engineer. Improving biomanufacturing operational efficiency is crucial […]

Genentech sustainably generates a large dataset on AWS to advance machine learning-based research on a potential new drug modality

Genentech sustainably generates a large dataset on AWS to advance machine learning-based research on a potential new drug modality

Genentech is a biotechnology company that pioneered the biotech industry and revolutionized how some of the world’s most complex health problems are treated. Today, as a member of the Roche Group, the company remains dedicated to pursuing breakthrough research, developing life-changing medicines, unlocking advances in data and technology, and partnering across society to take on […]

AWS Clean Rooms feature card

AWS Clean Rooms: Privacy-enhanced collaboration use cases

Companies across industries are increasingly seeking ways to complement their first-party data to build a holistic view of their customers or business. This often means developing a view across channels and engagements, as well as complementing their first-party data with their business partners’ data. This need for data collaboration spans company size, geography, and industry. […]

A Healthcare & Life Sciences Guide to AWS re:Invent 2023

A Healthcare and Life Sciences Guide to AWS re:Invent 2023

Throughout 2023, we’ve witnessed an acceleration of innovation at the intersection of health and technology. And with this year’s AWS re:Invent right around the corner, industry and AWS leaders are preparing to share their cutting edge technologies, use cases, and breakthroughs fueled by integrated data strategies, machine learning, and generative AI. Running November 27 through […]

Build an end-to-end framework to store, integrate, and analyze multimodal data using AWS purpose-built Health and Machine Learning services.

Multimodal Data Analysis with AWS Health and Machine Learning Services

In this blog, we show how you can leverage AWS purpose-built health care and life sciences (HCLS), machine learning (ML), and analytics services to simplify storage and analysis across genomic, health records, and medical imaging data for precision health use cases. The included reference architecture is built on AWS HealthOmics, AWS HealthImaging, and AWS HealthLake services which enable you […]

Designing an event-driven architecture for Bioinformatics workflows using AWS HealthOmics and Amazon EventBridge

Healthcare and Life Science organizations have a mission to improve human health and make groundbreaking scientific discoveries. More often than not, they leverage genomic, transcriptomic or other omics data to achieve this goal. They use a collection of bioinformatics tools and methods to process this data and derive scientific insights. Bioinformatics workflows enable orchestration of […]

Secure Your Genomic Workflows and Data with AWS HealthOmics

AWS HealthOmics is a HIPAA-eligible AWS service and provides fully-managed compute that helps customers process genomic, proteomic, and other varieties of -omic data securely and at scale in AWS. It supports common workflow definition languages—including WDL, Nextflow, and CWL—and secure access to data stored in Amazon S3 and AWS HealthOmics Storage. In this blog post, we cover […]

Executive Conversations: Generative AI for responsible innovation in pharma commercialization

EVERSANA is a leading provider of commercial services to the life sciences industry. The organization is building generative artificial intelligence (AI) applications to help pharmaceutical organizations drive efficiencies and business value while improving patient outcomes. Scott Synder, chief digital officer at EVERSANA, recently spoke to Ujjwal Ratan, data science and ML leader for healthcare and […]

AWS and Children’s Brain Tumor Network: Powering multi-modal data sharing for pediatric brain cancer research

Cancer remains the leading cause of death from disease for children, with nearly 10,000 cases diagnosed each year and over 1,000 children dying annually in the United States alone. The most common solid tumors are brain tumors, with 4,000 children and adolescents diagnosed with a primary brain tumors each year. The White House’s re-ingited Cancer […]

Esko enables increased speed-to-market and quality for Life Sciences companies

Life Sciences companies are facing mounting pressure to reduce go-to-market time while retaining high quality standards in their products, labels, and leaflets. In such a demanding market that is prone to change, these companies need the right solutions to streamline their processes. Esko has been investing in R&D and working with key Life Sciences customers […]