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Get Results in Just Three Weeks: Take the OTIF Challenge with

You know the saying: Results speak louder than words. But fast results speak even louder. Which is why at AWS, we say speed and fast results are critical to business survival. With CPG leaders forging ahead with resilience, tenacity, and innovation, those continuing to innovate at speed are delivering crucial business results. And now, it’s time for you to do the same.

If you’re ready to fast track your journey, our AWS CPG Partner has activated the OTIF Three-Week Challenge, and we encourage you to take it on. This challenge helps CPGs progress quickly with managing the current pandemic and insulating their supply chain from further disruptions.

Why is This Important?

As the pandemic grew, legacy planning systems and processes struggled to keep pace. Most companies relied on seasoned planners to manually plan large sections of their supply chains. This created enormous stress on both the planning teams and individual planners. While these challenges are not new, the added volatility of supply chain disruption and demand changes during the pandemic continued to stress the situation. Moreover, Walmart and other retailers changed their OTIF (on-time, in-full) compliance rules last year from 70% to 98%, with 3% cost-of-goods penalties for non-compliance. In order to compete, many CPGs are artificially maintaining OTIF via very high inventory holdings or frequent expedited shipments.

Take the OTIF Challenge with is a leading AI-as-a-Service software vendor and AWS CPG Partner. They sell Enterprise Artificial Intelligence® (AI) applications to manufacturing and supply chain companies. These products help CPGs fast track their journey to more accurate forecasting, as well as reduced penalties, expedite costs, and inventory levels with a three-week OTIF challenge. Three-Week Challenge: Investment and Results

  • Better OTIF prediction starting with demand signal.
  • Only two datasets required.
  • Review’s predictions and compare with your baseline.
  • Results in just three weeks. Requires minimal time commitment from customer teams.

In addition to the OTIF Three-Week Challenge, sells a full portfolio of Flow Operations products to supply chain leaders. This breakthrough technology solves the most valuable and consequential issues facing planners and managers today. provides advanced, AI-powered planning tools for some of the world’s largest CPG companies, including Kellogg’s, Estee Lauder, and Reckitt, shown here giving testimonials about the positive impact on their businesses. These products enable companies to reduce lost sales, manage inventories, and improve demand forecasting accuracy. The application end users are demand, inventory, and supply planners, and solution data output allows customers to make better decisions within the zero-to-thirteen-week execution window. It also enables executives to engage in better strategic dialogue with their planners.

How the Supply Chain Suite Works

  • Predicts customer orders, supply, inventory, and fill rate in weekly buckets for execution horizon (typically 13 weeks).
  • Computes probabilistic Value-at-Risk (VAR) in order to prioritize actions.
  • Develops AI-powered recommendations for planner actions (e.g., expedite replenishment, pull in production order).

 Why It’s Different

  • VAR is a unique product feature developed by to allow summarization of risk at any hierarchy level (i.e., product, brand, geography).
  • The products get ahead of issues predicted two to six weeks in the future, instead of reacting to current out-of-stocks like legacy control towers do.
  • dramatically improves planner productivity for individual focus areas, reduces/eliminates tedious clerical work, and enables coordination with other planners.
  • No other product tackles demand and supply, which are highly related in the execution horizon. empowers customers with data-driven intelligence to build a sustainable competitive advantage. We believe CPG industry leaders are ready—even eager—to invest in technologies that help solve these critical challenges.

No more promises – it’s time to see results. If you’re ready for digital supply chain transformation, then go directly to this link to take the challenge, or contact your AWS account team and fast track your journey today.

Kevin McCurdy

Kevin McCurdy

Kevin E. McCurdy is Global CPG Segment Lead – APN for AWS, responsible for identifying and engaging relationships with strategic ISV and SI Partners. Previously, he served as VP – Demand Signal Management at E2open; was Co-Founder and VP of Strategic Accounts for Orchestro, which was later acquired by E2open; and was also Co-Founder and VP of Business Development and Services at Mercari Technologies. Kevin has 25+ years of experience in supply chain management, category management, and demand signal management working with global CPG companies and retailers, including Coca-Cola, General Mills, Kellogg’s, PepsiCo, Unilever, and Kraft-Heinz. He holds a BSc in Business Logistics and International Business from Penn State.

Amit Saini

Amit Saini

Amit Saini leads Alliances for towards creating “better-together” outcomes for our customers and partners. In previous roles at, Amit was responsible for Enterprise AI Services where he led AI-based supply chain transformation initiatives with’s Flow Ops suite of applications. Prior to, Amit spent over a decade at MicroStrategy—a leading provider of business intelligence software—where he played various roles. As a technologist, Amit is passionate about the power of Human+AI for better decision-making, leading to a reduction in global waste. Amit holds an MS in Computer Science from The George Washington University.