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Raise the travel retail experience to new heights

Learn how to bring frictionless shopping to travel retail with Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology and Amazon One

Quickly and conveniently getting people to their destinations is core to the travel industry ethos. Unlike customers in traditional retail environments, travelers tend to follow strict timelines to board their flight or train on time. Therefore, travel retail leaders are seeking to provide an effortless in-store experience that reduces the time shoppers spend at checkout and alleviates the stress of a hectic travel day. But what if a store eliminated the checkout process completely?

No checkout, no problem: Bringing frictionless shopping to travel retail

Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology and Amazon One equips travel retailers with a complete, frictionless in-store shopping experience. Just Walk Out technology—made possible by a combination of computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning—adds convenience to the shopping experience. Guests simply come in, pick up what they want, and get going.

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Travelers can enter Just Walk Out-enabled stores by inserting their credit card at the entry gates, using a QR code from a mobile app, or by simply hovering their palm over an Amazon One device. Amazon One is a fast, contactless way for travelers to use their palm for payment when entering the store. Guests new to Amazon One can sign up in seconds at an enrollment kiosk and then move through the entry gate and pay for what they take using only their palm.

Once in the store, shoppers can grab all they need from the shelves. Just Walk Out technology recognizes what they took and adds those items to the shopper’s virtual cart. Anything put back on the shelf is automatically removed. Travelers simply take what they want and leave, and the credit card they inserted or linked to their Amazon One ID will be charged after they exit the store.

With an automated checkout process, store employees can focus on delivering a positive shopping experience for travelers. They can spend more time helping travelers find what they need, answering questions, and restocking shelves, rather than managing the checkout and processing payments.

Retailers have the flexibility to define most retail functions in Just Walk Out stores, including the entry and exit experience, postpurchase customer experience, merchandise pricing, and payment methods. The technology can accommodate new store builds, retrofits, and prefabricated environments as well as varying store formats and fixture needs. The technology facilitates options for flexible integration based on the retailer’s vision for the entire shopper journey.

Just Walk Out technology and Amazon One is backed by Amazon’s security, reliability, and years of consistent operations and expertise. Amazon tested and refined the technology within its own store environments—including in Amazon Go, Amazon Fresh, and Whole Foods Market stores—for several years before offering the technology to retailers in other verticals.

Innovative travel retail leaders are embracing checkout-free technology to close the convenience gap for their customers. By adopting this technology, companies make it easier for travelers to shop for last-minute travel essentials before the final boarding call.

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Armughan Javaid

Armughan Javaid

Armughan Javaid “AJ” leads strategy, development, and go-to-market teams for Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology. In his role, AJ supports travel industry leaders as they innovate guest experiences across the travel journey. AJ uses his broad retail industry and omni-channel commerce technology experience to help travel leaders increase operational efficiencies and drive business outcomes. Previously, AJ was a Practice Leader in Amazon Web Services (AWS) working with customers on cloud transformation programs. AJ is based out of Amazon’s HQ2 in the Washington D.C. area.