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Multichannel customer engagement for financial services on AWS

Financial services organizations are facing challenges around loyalty, persistent churn, fragmented attention, and driving organic growth. There are external factors contributing to these challenges, such as the widespread adoption of mobile services, new digital native market entrants, adapting to generational shifts, and critical industry requirements around compliance and regulations that makes cumbersome to provide innovation […]

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Building multilingual SMS chatbot campaigns to support COVID-19 patients remotely

The expansion of laboratory tests for COVID-19 have provided health systems with tools to screen for the coronavirus in their community. While some patients have tested positive for COVID-19 and were well enough to manage their symptoms and recover at home, healthcare providers have been challenged with identifying individuals who have waited longer than advisable […]

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NYC COVID-19 Rapid Response Coalition helps MetroPlus Health Plan partner to address the health and social needs of thousands at risk

With COVID-19 continuing to impact citizens globally, many individuals have been required to shelter-in-place to reduce the spread of the virus. While this has reduced the exposure risk for COVID-19, it has created social- and health-related challenges for individuals, such as access to healthy food, social service supports, and healthcare. To lessen the strain on […]

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Building clinically-validated conversational agents to address novel coronavirus

With COVID-19 impacting healthcare systems around the world, patients are looking to their healthcare providers for information related to the novel coronavirus, guidance on when to be tested for the virus, and instructions on what to do if they have a confirmed positive result. As a result, health systems across the United States have quickly […]

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