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Author: Vikram Madan

Use two additional data labeling services for your Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth labeling jobs

We’re excited to announce the availability of two more data labeling services that you can use for your Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth labeling jobs: Data Labeling Services by iMerit’s US-based workforce Data Labeling Services by Startek, Inc. These new listings on the AWS Marketplace supplement the existing iMerit India-based workforce listing to provide you a […]

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Apache MXNet Version 0.12 Extends Gluon Functionality to Support Cutting Edge Research

Last week, the Apache MXNet community released version 0.12 of MXNet. The major features were support for NVIDIA Volta GPUs and sparse tensors. The release also included a number of new features for the Gluon programming interface. In particular, these features make it easier to implement cutting-edge research in your deep learning models: Variational dropout, […]

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Introducing Gluon — An Easy-to-Use Programming Interface for Flexible Deep Learning

Today, AWS and Microsoft announced a new specification that focuses on improving the speed, flexibility, and accessibility of machine learning technology for all developers, regardless of their deep learning framework of choice. The first result of this collaboration is the new Gluon interface, an open source library in Apache MXNet that allows developers of all skill levels to prototype, […]

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