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At SIGGRAPH 2019, booth #1203, AWS Thinkbox will highlight a complete studio in the cloud workflow, including rendering, virtual workstation, and storage solutions that help creative studios iterate faster and take on more projects.

SIGGRAPH is the premier event for computer graphics artists and professionals, drawing more than 16,000 attendees from around the world. With a schedule of rotating destination cities, this year’s event takes place in Los Angeles, CA July 28 – August 1.

Cloud rendering helps studios increase productivity by reducing the time visual effects artists spend waiting for their render jobs to finish, providing artist more time for content creation. Using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Spot Instances, studios can achieve near-limitless rendering scale at up to 90 percent cost savings compared to On-Demand pricing, and pay only for resources used.

Cloud-based virtual workstations running on EC2 G3 or G4 instances allow studios to scale their creative talent, with the ability to add artists to their pipeline from almost anywhere in the world. Artists work securely using a streaming application and the studio’s existing licensing for their preferred content creation tools, with content stored securely using Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

Partners are also showcased in the AWS booth at SIGGRAPH. Conductor Technologies, Weka IO, Qumulo, Teradici, Otoy, Shotgun, Ftrack, and Luxion will demonstrate solutions that help studios collaborate and scale their rendering, workstations, and storage workloads on AWS.

Colin Cupp

Colin Cupp

Colin is the marketing lead for Media & Entertainment content production at AWS. Prior to joining AWS in 2018, he held marketing roles at Autodesk, Mochi Media, and Sun Microsystems. When he isn't working or renovating his fixer upper, he likes to explore San Diego beaches and parks with his family.