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Amazon Web Services (AWS) supercharges conductor’s render scalability

Authored by Chris Bond – Founder, Thinkbox Software and Director Product Management, EC2

Artists and technologists working to create compelling content for visual effects (VFX) and animation projects are exploring cloud-based rendering if it isn’t already part of their workflow. Conductor is a secure, cloud-based service that studios can leverage to offload rendering and simulation workloads. It has attracted a growing list of customers who rely on its dynamic scalability to create imaginary worlds, full CG creatures, and photoreal high-stakes action. I am pleased to share that Conductor’s scalability is now supercharged with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has become Conductor’s preferred compute resource provider.

AWS brings support for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) to Conductor’s cloud service as well as the Media & Entertainment industry expertise of the AWS Thinkbox team. This means studios using Conductor gain access to AWS’s elastic, secure, and powerful resources to quickly and economically scale their render capacity to an unprecedented degree, including access to our fleet of cost-effective Spot Instances.

Check out Conductor’s announcement for more details.

AWS Thinkbox has deep roots in the VFX and animation industry, developing Deadline renderfarm software to help studios make the most of their available compute, supporting on premises, hybrid and all-in cloud rendering. For AWS Thinkbox, the goal has always been to leverage technology to allow artists to work unconstrained from technology, and collaborating with Conductor advances that goal by providing studios with the reliable, elastic render power of Amazon EC2.

AWS compute resources are expected to be available via Conductor in Summer 2019.