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In the News: CBS Interactive and the Super Bowl

At AWS we talk about “when it matters most…” those events that are so large in scale, so high profile, so highly trafficked, that our customers are trusting us with the crown jewels of their business.

In this interview from FierceVideo, Liz Carrasco, Chief Technology Officer at CBS Interactive, and Chris Xiques, VP of Video Technology at CBS Interactive, talk through how they developed the streaming architecture for Super Bowl LIII on CBS, including some mentions of AWS services:

“We used Elemental encoders; I think that’s pretty standard across the industry for our contribution feeds…The Amazon folks had a new suite of products and one of them is called MediaStore, which acts as an optimized S3 origin that we were trafficking all of these encoded segments to.” Chris Xiques, VP Video Technology, CBSi

Hear more about how CBS Interactive built on AWS for the Super Bowl at the AWS M&E Symposium on March 20. Agenda and link to register available here.