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Media intelligence just got smarter: new Media2Cloud partners announced

Media Intelligence Just Got Smarter

“Big things have small beginnings.” This is a quote from Michael Fassbender who played the android David in Prometheus 2012. David was staring at a tiny drop of goo that held an incredible transformative power. I find myself thinking about this quote a lot as I hear more customer success stories using the Media2Cloud solution on AWS. Media2Cloud is a secure, serverless ingest framework that allows customers and AWS Partners to quickly establish a scalable workflow that supports video, images, audio files, and documents. It allows customers to improve search and management of digital assets through several AWS Machine Learning (ML) services. Whether implemented directly or via AWS Partners, Media2Cloud helps customers more easily ingest, store, process, deliver, and manage content in the cloud.

At AWS, we increasingly see companies that want to derive value using ML, but prefer turnkey solutions to building their own solution from scratch. AWS provides a set of solutions that address the most valuable ML use cases for media. These ML algorithms applied to audio and video enrich metadata that unlocks new use cases, including efficient media search and discovery, automatic captioning and localization, and to new ways to monetize media. It is clear to most organizations that generate, process, store, or analyze large amounts of media that ML adds tangible value for their business. ML and solutions like Media2Cloud allows customers to test results against their assets, ensuring they can validate their asset management strategy before making large investments.

AWS officially launched the Media2Cloud solution in 2019 with two AWS Partners, and Levels Beyond. With the addition of six more AWS Partners, the Media2Cloud solution helps customers leverage machine learning to unlock new value and insights as part of their overall asset management strategy. The Media2Cloud solution now includes solutions from these AWS Partners:

Media2Cloud uses serverless a serverless architecture to initiate a workflow when content is detected in an S3 bucket. Media2Cloud leverages several AWS services including, machine learning services, to provide standardized proxies and metadata.

Media2Cloud uses serverless a serverless architecture to initiate a workflow when content is detected in an S3 bucket. Media2Cloud leverages several AWS services including, machine learning services, to provide standardized proxies and metadata.




For over a decade, EditShare has designed and delivered high-performance, scalable, shared storage solutions that enable media professionals to create outstanding content. EditShare’s EFSv with FLOW is a Media2Cloud enabled, end-to-end cloud production solution. It supports tiered asset storage, media management, intelligent archiving, and broad compatibility with creative tools like the Adobe Creative Suite. Highlighting just one use case, EFSv and FLOW powered workflows have lightning fast search and seamless switching between proxy and high-resolution editing right in the video editorial application. EditShare’s Professional Services team can offer AWS customers seamless workflows designed around their business processes, leveraging solutions from EditShare and other providers.




eMAM supports Media2Cloud to power workflows for production, post-production, sharing, and distribution: the entire lifecycle of a digital asset. eMAM provides a web interface designed to support non-technical users, providing a collaboration nexus for editors and designers using integrations into Apple Final Cut and Adobe Creative Cloud applications. eMAM is flexible, with easy configuration and scalability for the entire range of use cases and verticals, to provide customers with choice and control. eMAM provides a range of options for deployment including AWS cloud and hybrid solutions. eMAM is available as a permanent license or as subscription in the AWS Marketplace with SaaS/PaaS-Server options.




Evertz Mediator-X allows customers to manage their “Cloud Content Factory” at scale using a rich feature set of integrations and options under the functional blocks of acquisition, processing, management, production, playout, and delivery. Utilizing Media2Cloud and other AWS services, customers can gather and store both metadata and content in highly durable cloud storage, use the intuitive user-interface to visualize machine learning data alongside other customer-specific metadata or pull data from API endpoints within the Mediator-X platform.





Since its inception 13 years ago, IMT has grown to become a leading next-gen Systems Integrator supporting over 800+ customers in Media & Entertainment, broadcast, sports, and corporate video in North America. SoDA is IMT’s Intelligent Data Management Software that can be leveraged as a simple data migration tool to help customers move off of legacy archives, as well as broker data movement to and from the cloud to various endpoints. Designed to work with all types of storage — on-premises, hybrid, and AWS — users can define rich, flexible policies or manually transfer data. SoDA plugs into multiple MAM solutions to empower end users to control their own data movement.




Starchive is a command center for today’s content producers. Starchive brings the power of digital asset management to the entrepreneur and small/medium business with the elegance of a modern consumer SaaS application and at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions. Starchive helps users find the signal in the noise of their digital chaos and get back to work building their brand, business, and bottom line. In a world where every individual has the power to create and the opportunity to consume digital media 24/7 – every business has the mandate to be a content powerhouse to thrive. Learn more about how Starchive used Media2Cloud to help Essence Magazine support their 50-year anniversary by improving the accessibility to their historical archive.





TrackIt is a Los Angeles-based AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with decades of experience in the Media & Entertainment industry and a wealth of cloud technology design and deployment work performed for many media-centric companies. TrackIt has experience building advanced pipelines that include AI/ML tools and integration with asset management systems, along with transcoding, rendering, VOD, OTT, live streaming, cloud-based editorial, and collaborative online tools. Learn more about how Trackit used Media2Cloud to help Jukin Media improve the utility of their archive.

Jack Wenzinger

Jack Wenzinger

Jack Wenzinger supports technology partners in the Media & Entertainment Vertical for AWS, accelerating their adoption of AWS in media operations and services to support their customers. Jack works with executives and technology owners to address their technical and non-technical transformation challenges, providing domain expertise for cloud adoption and achievement of key business objectives.

Ken Shek

Ken Shek

Ken Shek is an AWS Principal Solutions Architect specializing in Data Science and Analytics for the Global Media, Entertainment, Games, and Sports industries. He assists media customers in designing, developing, and deploying workloads on the AWS Cloud using best practices. Passionate about artificial intelligence and machine learning use cases, he has built the Media2Cloud on AWS guidance to help hundreds of customers ingest and analyze content, enriching its value.