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New game show app attracts and engages audiences with interactive live video streams powered by Amazon IVS

Codices Builds Moar on AWS

An entertainment staple, game shows measure participant knowledge, luck, or a combination of the two, as they vie for prizes and bragging rights. With the rise of interactive live streaming, the format is no longer confined by traditional broadcast parameters, opening new opportunities for creators and audiences. UK-based technology developer Codices is helping creators capitalize on the modern game show experience with Moar, a new standalone app that provides the tools to host engaging interactive live streams while also serving as a global destination for audiences to discover content. Built using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Moar interactive live streams are powered by Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS), allowing the app to deliver high quality, low latency live streams at scale.

“When exploring live streaming options, Amazon IVS offered the most capabilities we needed out-of-box. Creating and managing our own server farms would have been a huge mountain to climb, and Amazon IVS manages that piece for us,” said Tim Edwards, Founder and CEO of Codices.

Moar marks the Codices’ team second foray into creating game show streaming technology, having developed the immensely popular QuizKit Twitch extension. Expanding on that concept, the app solely runs interactive live game shows, which stream as episodes that usually last no longer than 15 minutes. Viewers download a dedicated app to view streams, while creators log in to a web-based UI that allows them to control the experience from end-to-end. The app also features design upgrades for a more intuitive experience, such as having the chat run left to right, which is easier to read than the more commonly used top to bottom approach.

Moar game show schedule

While Codices does offer content services, the company’s mission for the app is to equip creators with technology in a way that’s broadly accessible. Explained Codices Co-founder and CTO Fernando Pombeiro, “We want creators to be able to make each experience their own, without interacting with code or downloading new programs. They can enter questions, change skins, show leaderboards, and more live, all within the platform.”

Along with providing creation tools, the app offers transaction management, allowing creators to monetize streams more easily with virtual goods and donations. Currently in beta, Moar is expected to launch later this year. In addition to Amazon IVS, AWS tools used for development include AWS AppSync on the backend, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon CloudWatch.

Moar creator panel and controls

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Marius Miginis

Marius Miginis

Marius is a GameTech account manager at AWS.