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PAOK FC delivers live football directly to fans with Insys Sport and AWS

Authored by Ewa Bajbak, Insys Sales Manager at Insys Video Technologies.

As the largest and one of the most popular football clubs in Greece, PAOK FC became its own rights holder for club matches and launched an OTT platform for the 2019-2020 season. However, PAOK TV needed enhancements to provide their fans with the best possible viewing experience. And after realizing that infrastructure between high traffic matches was an unnecessary expense, they sought out a new solution on cloud infrastructure.

Better, safer, faster

PAOK FC’s motto is #DareToDream. When it came to being its own rights holder, PAOK FC dreamt of a better, safer, and faster video service for fans. Its new OTT platform needed to be fully cloud-based and integrated with strong security solutions, while also improving the user experience of its current service.

Building its service on Amazon Web Services enabled fans to receive videos instantly with little latency and allowed for full scalability. Naturally, the popular football club’s live matches attract huge peaks in viewer numbers. Having the ability to scale up for those matches allowed PAOK FC to keep infrastructure minimal at other times.

PAOK FC selected our OTT solution Insys Sport to create a new viewing experience that is both modern and natural. In the football off-season, the Insys team quickly developed an engaging user experience to appeal to the club’s fans. They also implemented Insys Multi-DRM, a service that uses encryption and licenses to ensure content stays secure. A combination of watermarking was applied to identify and block any users streaming illegally.

Ready for the next season

The new and improved PAOK TV was launched in August, just in time for fans to watch the 2020-2021 season. PAOK FC’s original streaming platform attracted more than 200,000 subscribers and delivered over 5,000 hours of content. With its new OTT platform, PAOK FC expects viewer numbers to be even higher this season.

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