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Improving GraphQL Observability with AWS AppSync Tracing Support

This article was written by Heitor Lessa, Principal Specialist Serverless Lead AWS September 14, 2021: Amazon Elasticsearch Service has been renamed to Amazon OpenSearch Service. See details. Today, I’m excited to tell you about the new AWS X-Ray native integration with AWS AppSync released a couple of weeks ago. Previously, if you wanted to determine […]

AWS AppSync and the GraphQL Info Object

This article was written by Brice Pellé, Principal Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS   AWS AppSync is a fully managed service that allows to deploy Serverless GraphQL backends in the AWS cloud. GraphQL is a data language for your API that makes it easy and straight forward to interact with multiple data sources. One of the […]

Simplify access to multiple microservices with AWS AppSync and AWS Amplify

This article was written by Faraz Masood, Cloud Architect, AWS   Modern applications and architectures are created with microservices in mind, and the ever evolving nature of each service makes it difficult to build and maintain a single API for multiple clients. Rapid iteration in the development cycle can benefit from an unified API interface […]

Building a real-time stock monitoring dashboard with AWS AppSync

This article was written by Jan Michael Go Tan, Specialist SA at AWS Building real-time applications normally requires two types of endpoints. The first type of endpoint typically involves a standard stateless request–response type of interaction, which is handled over traditional HTTP/HTTPS protocol. The second type of endpoint enables persistent connectivity and allows the server to push […]

Monitoring IoT devices in real time with AWS AppSync

This article was written by David Moser, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS IoT devices can generate a tremendous amount of data. Analytics in the cloud and at the edge turn this data into information. Ultimately, this information must be delivered to users. Often, the use case demands real-time access to the information as it changes. Consider […]

Improving GraphQL API performance and consistency with AWS AppSync Caching and DynamoDB Transactions support

AWS AppSync is a managed GraphQL service that simplifies application development by letting you create a flexible API to securely access, manipulate, and combine data from one or more data sources. Different data sources are often optimized for different use cases and may deliver data at different speeds. The underlying data fields defined in the […]

New features that will enhance your Real-Time experience on AWS AppSync

AWS AppSync is a managed service that uses GraphQL to simplify application development by letting applications securely access, manipulate, and receive real-time updates from multiple data sources such as databases or APIs. Taking advantage of GraphQL subscriptions to perform real-time operations, AppSync can push data to clients that choose to listen to specific events from […]

Merging GraphQL schema files and more from the CLI

This post was written by Hani Sehweil, SDET II, Amazon Devices GraphQL schemas can become really big over time, making them hard to manage as a single file. For example, you may want to break down your GraphQL schema based on team ownership, where each part of the schema may be sourced in a different codebase. However, […]

Visualizing big data with AWS AppSync, Amazon Athena, and AWS Amplify

This article was written by Brice Pelle, Principal Technical Account Manager, AWS   Organizations use big data and analytics to extract actionable information from untapped datasets. It can be difficult for you to build an application with access to this trove of data. You want to build great applications quickly and need access to tools […]