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Case Study: Knowt builds online education app on AWS to help students and teachers

Fast-growing educational technology startup Knowt developed an app in to change the way students and teachers study and create assessments. Using a powerful algorithm and artificial intelligence, the app quickly and automatically converts notes from students and teachers into quizzes and flash cards.

However, the startup eventually noticed an area in need of improvement. It found that many users didn’t just want to create their own notes and flash cards; they also wanted to study from materials that others had already created. To better serve these users, Knowt began a major shift toward crowdsourcing notes and sharing study materials. The company decided to go all in on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Read the full case study to learn how Knowt began building its new cloud architecture and improved performance of its web and mobile applications with AWS Amplify, simplified and optimized the flow of data from the backend to end users with AWS AppSync’s GraphQL API service, moved to AWS Lambda for serverless computing, and increased algorithm speed with Amazon SageMaker.

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Jessie VanderVeen

Jessie VanderVeen is a Product Marketer for the AWS front-end web and mobile development services team which includes AWS Amplify, AWS AppSync, and AWS Device Farm. She’s based in Seattle and is an avid surfer and outdoor enthusiast.