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Build and deploy a serverless app

Building and deploying a serverless app using AWS Serverless Application Model and AWS CloudFormation

Customers are constantly looking to innovate in order to remain competitive in their respective markets. One way to achieving such competitiveness is through the ability to build services and applications fast and cost effectively, thereby reducing time to market while driving down costs. One of the feedback we regularly get from customers is that, applications […]

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¬Field Notes: Cross-account deployments in an AWS Control Tower environment

Field Notes: Cross-account deployments in an AWS Control Tower environment

AWS Control Tower helps customers put an orchestration layer on top of a multi-account strategy. When customers build applications, they often use separate accounts as part of a deployment pipeline so that they can validate changes before production. This best practice helps reduce blast radius should there be any issues with newer iterations. With AWS […]

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Instantly monitor serverless applications with AWS Resource Groups

Serverless computing allows you to build and run applications without thinking about servers. Building serverless applications means that your developers can focus on their core product instead of worrying about managing and operating servers. This reduced overhead lets developers reclaim time and energy that can be spent on developing great products that scale and are reliable. […]

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