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Automating organizational policies with custom AWS Config Rules and evidence collection in AWS Audit Manager

AWS Config is a service that allows you to evaluate your AWS resources against a desired configuration state using AWS Config Rules. Two types of rules exist, managed rules which are meant to be used out-of-the-box and custom rules for which you define your desired configuration state via code.  AWS Audit Manager can help you […]

Shared Responsibility with AWS Resilience Hub

AWS Resilience Hub is an AWS service designed to help you define, track, and manage the resilience of your applications. This service helps you understand and improve the resilience of your workloads using AWS Well-Architected best practices, and offers both resilience and operational recommendations to enable you, the customer, to consistently meet your organizational and workload-based requirements […]

Best practices for applying controls with AWS Control Tower

Enabling effective governance in a multi-account environment and aligning with AWS best practices and common compliance frameworks can be a complex endeavor. Many customers, particularly those operating in regulated industries, face the challenge of investing time and resources in identifying risks and developing their own controls to address service relationships and dependencies. This process can […]

Best practices: Implementing observability with AWS

Best practices: Implementing observability with AWS

As customers deploy cloud-based solutions, they need to be able to ensure that systems are running smoothly, and that they can quickly remediate issues when they arise. Deploying observability at scale can be challenging for customers, especially when it involves tens and hundreds of services across their enterprise. Customers want best practice recommendations, guidance in […]

Monitor your Databricks Clusters with AWS managed open-source Services

Organizations rely heavily on cloud-based data processing and analytics platforms in today’s data-driven world to unlock valuable insights and make informed decisions. Databricks, a unified analytics platform, has emerged as a popular choice due to its seamless integration with Apache Spark, and its ability to efficiently handle large-scale data processing tasks. Many customers have implemented […]

Getting Started with CloudWatch agent and collectd

Observability helps you understand the health, usage, performance, and customer experience for your workloads. Observability can support many use cases, from detecting incidents and supporting incident resolution, to understanding the impact of new features on your users and workflow. Establishing the right solution depends on being able to gather the right data for your situation. […]

Evaluate custom configurations using AWS Config Custom Policy rules and the open source sample repository

Does your organization have custom configuration requirements for your resources? Do you find it challenging to compare actual resource configuration settings against your configuration requirements? Today, you can leverage a new public repository of sample AWS Config custom rules using AWS CloudFormation Guard to help you address these challenges. AWS Config allows you to evaluate actual […]

Import existing AWS Control Tower accounts to Account Factory for Terraform

AWS Control Tower Account Factory for Terraform (AFT) allows customers to provision and customize their account in AWS Control Tower using Terraform. AFT can also import existing AWS Control Tower managed accounts into AFT management, allowing you to manage the global and account-specific customization at scale using Terraform. We hear from customers that they want […]

Manage continuous compliance by using AWS Config Configuration Recorder resource type

AWS Config recently added support for configuration recorder as a resource type. The AWS::Config::ConfigurationRecorder resource is a configuration item (CI) for configuration recorder that tracks changes to the state of AWS Config configuration recorder (configuration recorder). You can use this CI to check if the state of the configuration recorder has changed (drifted), from its […]

Optimizing alarm lifecycle with Amazon CloudWatch Metrics Insights alarms

Optimizing alarm lifecycle with Amazon CloudWatch Metrics Insights alarms

Do you have entire fleets of dynamically changing resources that you are struggling to easily monitor and set alarm on? Do you have a ton of dangling alarms that you are paying for and that is cluttering your view? Are you looking for a simplified way to create alarms that automatically adjusts to resources that […]