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Know Before You Go – AWS re:Invent 2023 | AWS Management Console

New this year, the AWS Customer Experience team has tips to help you enhance your re:Invent experience and learn about various improvements that make AWS even easier to use. Meet us at our kiosks in the AWS Village and be sure to check out the sessions below. Our sessions will cover best practices for managing your applications, automating incident response, and provide an introduction to our products to accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Prepare to Go

Download the AWS Console Mobile Application and configure notifications so you don’t miss important events

QR code for the AWS mobile application. Scan this QR code to download the application.

The AWS Console Mobile Application lets you view and manage a select set of AWS resources and receive push notifications to stay informed, and connected with your AWS resources while on-the-go.

AWS User Notifications is a new service that lets you set up and view notifications from AWS services, such as AWS Health events, Amazon CloudWatch alarms, or Amazon EC2 instance state changes, in the AWS Console Notifications Center. You can configure notifications for 100+ AWS services, set custom notification filters (e.g., EC2 instance in region IAD with tag = production and state is starting), specify the channels where you want to receive these notifications, like email, mobile push notifications to the AWS Console Mobile Application, or in chat clients like Slack and Microsoft Teams through the AWS Chatbot, and enable event aggregation so related events are bundled together to generate fewer notifications. Learn more on the AWS User Notifications blog post.

Image of CloudWatch event notifications, via the new AWS User Notifications service, on computer and mobile devices. When you are away from your computer, you can receive AWS User Notifications on-the-go using the AWS mobile application.

Stay connected on the go with AWS Chatbot, AWS User Notifications, and AWS Console Mobile Application

Sessions to Attend

Favorite the following sessions in the session catalog to learn more about our products and services

DOP324 | Accelerating application development with AWS client-side tools

Nov 27, 9:00 AM, Caesars Forum, Level 1, Summit 221

Did you know AWS has more than just services? There are dozens of AWS client-side tools and libraries designed to make developing quality applications easier. In this chalk talk, explore some of the tools available in your development workspace. Learn more about command line tooling (AWS CLI), libraries (AWS SDK), IDE integrations, and application frameworks that can accelerate your AWS application development. The audience helps set the agenda so there’s sure to be something for every builder.

COP313 | Automate incident management of modern workloads using ChatOps

Nov 27, 4:30 PM, Caesars Forum, Level 1, Academy 416

It’s critical to act quickly and efficiently to address issues, minimize outages, and improve incident response. In this builders’ session, learn how to implement ChatOps using AWS services, including AWS Chatbot and AWS Systems Manager, and popular communication and collaboration platforms, such as Microsoft Teams and Slack. Explore how you can implement chat-driven operational workflows to assist in diagnosing and remediating operational issues of modern workloads. You must bring your laptop to participate.

COP334 | Simplify application management for operational excellence

Nov 29, 10:00 AM, Caesars Forum, Level 1, Alliance 305

Monitoring and supporting multiple applications across multiple services can be challenging for operations teams as applications evolve and grow. In this chalk talk, dive deep with AWS experts to learn how to maintain operational excellence across applications using AWS Service Catalog AppRegistry and Application Manager, a capability of AWS Systems Manager. Learn how to define applications in the AWS Cloud, and explore how to take operational actions on those applications to address and remediate issues related to compliance, cost, and performance.

DOP220 | Simplify building applications with AWS SDKs

Nov 29, 3:00 PM, Wynn, Level 1, Lafite 9

AWS SDKs play a vital role in using AWS services in your organization’s applications and services. In this session, learn about the current state and the future of AWS SDKs. Explore how they can simplify your developer experience and unlock new capabilities. Discover how SDKs are evolving, providing a consistent experience in multiple languages and empowering you to do more with high-level abstractions to make it easier to build on AWS. Learn how AWS SDKs are built using open source tools like Smithy, and how you can use these tools to build your own SDKs to serve your customers’ needs.

COP328 | How to manage applications at scale and innovate faster with AWS

Nov 29, 4:30 PM, Caesars Forum, Level 1, Academy 407

Managing an ever-growing number of application resources can become increasingly difficult whether you’re an engineer supporting an application, an IT administrator monitoring application security, a financial analyst investigating application spend, or an operations specialist maintaining application reliability. Come learn how AWS services and tools make it easier to simplify application management so you can remediate issues quickly, innovate faster, save time, and scale securely. Learn how you can manage application performance in Amazon CloudWatch, improve security posture with AWS Security Hub, optimize costs with AWS Cost Explorer, and drive operational excellence across your applications with AWS Systems Manager.

Meet the Experts

Connect with our experts in the AWS Village at the Expo

In addition to attending sessions, come visit our AWS Management Console and Customer Experience kiosks in the AWS Village at the Expo in the Venetian (campus map). Come spin the prize wheel to win our useful swag and meet our experts.

AWS Management Console: Grace Kitzmiller, Principal Product Manager for the AWS Management Console, will share our new features like CloudShell in the Toolbar, Private Access, and other improvements in the experience. Bring your #AWSwishlist and learn more at the AWS Management Console kiosk.

AWS Chatbot: Abhijit Barde, Principal Product Manager for the AWS Chatbot will be at the AWS Management Console kiosk throughout the conference. Stop by to learn how to enable ChatOps in your organization and get a seat in his session “COP313 | Automate incident management of modern workloads using ChatOps”.

Cloudscape Design System: Olga Madejska, Head of Cloudscape, the AWS Design System. Stop by the Customer Experience kiosk to discuss the user interface of the AWS Management Console and how to use Cloudscape, our open-source design system for building web applications.

AWS Documentation: Betty Liou, Senior Product Manager for AWS Documentation, will be at the AWS Customer Experience kiosk in the AWS Village throughout the conference. Learn more about our technical documentation team and new features launching at re:Invent.

PeerTalk: Lastly, I am featured as an Expert on PeerTalk and ready to meet with you! PeerTalk is available now for in-person re:Invent attendees! Request a 1:1 meeting with me or anyone on our team and register for one of the 50+ group meetups.

About the author:

Rick Suttles

Rick Suttles leads Product Management for User Experience at AWS. He is responsible for the customer experience, including the AWS Management Console, Accessibility, and Privacy across AWS.