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Open Source News Roundup: February 9, 2018

^ The Capital One Cloud Custodian Team

Community Coding at the Cloud Custodian Code Day

Capital One hosted their first ever community coding event at AWS re:Invent 2017, to bring current and aspiring contributors together in single location to spend a concentrated period of time hands-on with the code. Read more about it in the Capital One DevExchange blog.

askalono: a license detection library and tool

Jacob Peddicord open sourced askalono, a command line tool and Rust library designed to detect the contents of license files. It’s generally easy for a person to spot an open source license, but often they have trouble figuring out what exactly that license file is. askalono takes licence text input and attempts to identify a close match, along with a confidence score, to assist in the first stages of figuring out the “what” of licensing. Even though it’s in early development, it can already identify most license texts in under 10 milliseconds. It is being developed in the open on GitHub, accepting community input and contributions to further advance its capabilities. –

Twirp: a sweet new RPC framework for Go

Twitch released an RPC framework written in Go that they use for communication between backend servers. It’s called Twirp, and it’s available now under an Apache 2 open source license. Twirp has been tremendously successful at Twitch — it has grown in usage exponentially, roughly tripling every three months as more and more internal teams continue to adopt it due to its advantages over “REST” APIs or gRPC, its two closest competitors. – Twitch blog

AWS X-Ray SDK for .NET Open-Sourced

The AWS X-Ray SDK for .NET and .NET Core is now open source and available on GitHub. Also includes support for AWS Lambda.

Task Networking in AWS Fargate

Nathan Peck on how to take advantage of the different ways of networking your containers in Fargate when using ECS as your orchestration platform, with a focus on how to do networking securely. – AWS Compute blog

Migrating Your Amazon ECS Containers to AWS Fargate

Tiffany Jernigan shows how in the AWS Compute blog.

Machine Learning

Speeding up Apache MXNet using the NNPACK library

Julien Simon shows how you can speed up inference with Apache MXNet using the open source NNPack library. – AWS Machine Learning blog

Gluon: building blocks for your Deep Learning universe

Julien Simon on Gluon, a new open source high-level API for Deep Learning developers available on top of Apache MXNet, and why you should take a good look at it. – Medium

Julien also gave a talk at AWS DevDays Nordics on Machine Learning: From Notebook to Production with Amazon Sagemaker: “Learn more about deploying machine learning models with high-performance machine learning algorithms, broad framework support, and one-click training, tuning, and inference.”

Machine Learning Tutorial for TimeSeries and Sequence Data in Apache MXNet and Gluon

Sunil Mallya shares materials from a workshop on “Modeling timeseries and sequence data on AWS using Apache MXNet and Gluon” delivered at Applied ML Days 2018. Learn how to model generic sequence data and timeseries data to do sequence prediction, forecasting future timeseries, anomaly detection, and more, using Apache MXNet. Once trained, explore various scalable deployment options on AWS for both real-time and batch inference. With plenty of introductory materials. Get it on GitHub.

Model Server for Apache MXNet introduces ONNX support and Amazon CloudWatch integration

AWS released version 0.2 of Model Server for Apache MXNet (MMS), an open-source library that packages and serves deep learning models for making predictions at scale. Now you can serve models in Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) format and publish operational metrics directly to Amazon CloudWatch, where you can create dashboards and alarms. – AWS Machine Learning blog

Using machine learning to save money on cloud data storage

Digital Globe used Amazon SageMaker to analyze their stored data, “and ultimately built a model which we predict will reduce cloud storage costs for our imagery archive by 50%.” – Digital Globe blog

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