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Connecting Students Everywhere to a Cloud Education



There are more than 18,000,000 exciting cloud computing jobs globally, with long-term career prospects and high earning potential. And that number is growing.  But a problem remains:  how do industry and education give more students access to the learning they need to be the generation of cloud-ready workers?

AWS Educate was founded in 2015 with the vision of giving every student who dreams of a cloud career an educational path to achieve their goal.   Students have no-cost access to training, curriculum, and cloud computing technology needed to freely experiment, innovate, and learn in the cloud.  Today, more than 500 institutions have joined the program.

At last week’s AWS Public Sector Summit, AWS Educate announced the AWS Educate Starter Account that gives students more options when joining the program and does not require a credit card or payment option. The AWS Educate Starter Account provides the same training, curriculum, and technology benefits of the standard AWS Account.

AWS Educate Starter Accounts include added safeguards, such as the no credit card requirement for account creation and a cap on credits available to the user.  Regardless of income level or geographic location, students can learn in the cloud on their own terms.   You can find more details here, or check out the AWS Educate Starter Account FAQs.

Ready to connect your students to a cloud education? Visit to learn more about program benefits and to join.