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From IMAGINE to impact: redeem nonprofit credits on AWS

For nonprofits, leveraging technology to achieve their missions can be difficult — but Amazon Web Services (AWS) is here to help knock down barriers to success. At this year’s AWS IMAGINE Nonprofit Conference, more than 700 attendees from more than 30 countries gathered to discuss the ways technology can help solve our world’s most pressing issues. Over 20 nonprofit speakers took to the stage to share their organizations’ stories and best practices learned on their journeys with AWS. The speakers and their ideas sparked conversations about the art of what’s possible and the AWS use cases for nonprofits.

Whether or not you attended AWS IMAGINE Nonprofit Conference, you can get inspired to start your cloud journey to help your organization achieve its mission. Check out the AWS Nonprofit Credit Program to apply for a $2,000 grant, which provides promotional credits to organizations to subsidize their use of the cloud. AWS believes that funding for technology should not be an obstacle that nonprofits overcome alone, and this program provides organizations globally with AWS Promotional Credits to help cover charges for on-demand services.

The AWS Nonprofit Credit Program works with TechSoup to distribute grants to qualified nonprofits, and the program is currently offered to organizations in more than 120 global locations. Most recently, the program expanded to support organizations in the Balkan Countries and it is set to launch in Israel next month.

The program credits are valid for one year and renewable every July. These credits can be used to help with a new workload or proof of concept, host a websitestore data, or run a mobile application. Apply for your AWS Nonprofit Credit Program today.