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Introduction to AWS for Nonprofits & NGOs

Each day, nonprofit organizations around the world are focused on achieving their missions. Whether they fight for the environment, work to achieve medical breakthroughs, preserve the arts, or focus on building social good, with Amazon Web Services nonprofits are able to run lean, freeing them to be fast, agile, and even global, while still being efficient with IT spend, paying only for what they use so they can focus resources on their important work.

Tens of thousands of nonprofits and NGOs worldwide use Amazon Web Services to build highly available, scalable websites, host core business and employee-facing systems, and manage donor outreach and fundraising efforts – keeping them mission centric. This helps nonprofit organizations pave the way for innovation and, ultimately, make the world a better place through technology.

Using AWS, nonprofits:

  • Can scale up during annual days of giving, and then scale down on demand in order to have their website available during important fundraising days.
  • They can cost-effectively reach donors and manage donor relationships with reliable, easy to use services.
  • Organizations can find solutions to the world’s most pressing problems through open data sources and initiatives that aggregate cutting-edge research that further helps the organization.

Running a nonprofit organization on AWS means seamless and reliable technology that allows for a more meaningful, personal, and profitable interaction.

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AWS Public Sector Blog Team

AWS Public Sector Blog Team

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