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AWS completes Police-Assured Secure Facilities (PASF) audit in Europe (London) Region

We’re excited to announce that our Europe (London) Region has renewed our accreditation for United Kingdom (UK) Police-Assured Secure Facilities (PASF) for Official-Sensitive data. Since 2017, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Europe (London) Region has been assured under the PASF program. This demonstrates our continuous commitment to adhere to the heightened expectations of customers with […]

Matter CA three-tier hierarchy and the role of PAA, PAIs, and DACs

Use AWS Private Certificate Authority to issue device attestation certificates for Matter

In this blog post, we show you how to use AWS Private Certificate Authority (CA) to create Matter device attestation CAs to issue device attestation certificates (DAC). By using this solution, device makers can operate their own device attestation CAs, building on the solid security foundation provided by AWS Private CA. This post assumes that […]

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CISPE Code of Conduct Public Register now has 107 compliant AWS services

We continue to expand the scope of our assurance programs at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and are pleased to announce that 107 services are now certified as compliant with the Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe (CISPE) Data Protection Code of Conduct. This alignment with the CISPE requirements demonstrates our ongoing commitment to adhere to […]

Removing header remapping from Amazon API Gateway, and notes about our work with security researchers

At Amazon Web Services (AWS), our APIs and service functionality are a promise to our customers, so we very rarely make breaking changes or remove functionality from production services. Customers use the AWS Cloud to build solutions for their customers, and when disruptive changes are made or functionality is removed, the downstream impacts can be […]

Simplify fine-grained authorization with Amazon Verified Permissions and Amazon Cognito

Simplify fine-grained authorization with Amazon Verified Permissions and Amazon Cognito

July 20, 2023: This post had been updated on the code samples to match the most recent documentation for the JavaScript SDK and the Verified Permissions API. June 28, 2023: The article has been updated to make the console example and documentation consistent. AWS customers already use Amazon Cognito for simple, fast authentication. With the […]

Figure 1. Prevent account creation fraud with AWS WAF Fraud Control – Account Creation Fraud Prevention

Prevent account creation fraud with AWS WAF Fraud Control – Account Creation Fraud Prevention

Threat actors use sign-up pages and login pages to carry out account fraud, including taking unfair advantage of promotional and sign-up bonuses, publishing fake reviews, and spreading malware. In 2022, AWS released AWS WAF Fraud Control – Account Takeover Prevention (ATP) to help protect your application’s login page against credential stuffing attacks, brute force attempts, and […]

AWS Automating Actions on Findings in AWS Security Hub

AWS Security Hub launches a new capability for automating actions to update findings

June 29, 2023: This post was updated to modify automation rules, CloudFormation support, and integration with finding history. If you’ve had discussions with a security organization recently, there’s a high probability that the word automation has come up. As organizations scale and consume the benefits the cloud has to offer, it’s important to factor in […]

Post-quantum hybrid SFTP file transfers using AWS Transfer Family

Amazon Web Services (AWS) prioritizes security, privacy, and performance. Encryption is a vital part of privacy. To help provide long-term protection of encrypted data, AWS has been introducing quantum-resistant key exchange in common transport protocols used by AWS customers. In this blog post, we introduce post-quantum hybrid key exchange with Kyber, the National Institute of Standards […]

Example default hosted UI with several login providers enabled

Should I use the hosted UI or create a custom UI in Amazon Cognito?

September 8, 2023: It’s important to know that if you activate user sign-up in your user pool, anyone on the internet can sign up for an account and sign in to your apps. Don’t enable self-registration in your user pool unless you want to open your app to allow users to sign up. July 27, […]

An organization using TEAM alongside IAM Identity Center

Temporary elevated access management with IAM Identity Center

AWS recommends using automation where possible to keep people away from systems—yet not every action can be automated in practice, and some operations might require access by human users. Depending on their scope and potential impact, some human operations might require special treatment. One such treatment is temporary elevated access, also known as just-in-time access. […]