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New AWS Web Identity Federation Supports, Facebook, and Google identities

Log into Facebook or Google, then access AWS resources? Impossible (well, perhaps difficult…) you say – until now. On 5/28 the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) team launched web identity federation. This new feature expands existing AWS identity federation capabilities to include support for public identity providers such as Facebook, Google, or the newly launched Login with Amazon service.  Wait, you’ve never heard of Login with Amazon?  It’s a new service you can use to securely connect your websites and apps with millions of customers!

A number of folks have already written about our web identity federation functionality so I won’t repeat everything here.  If you want to learn the basics head over and read this post in the AWS blog.  If you’re looking for some sample code, the AWS mobile team has you covered – see what Bob Kinney said here.  Want more you say?  Get started by digging into the web identity federation documentation.

Jeff Wierer
Principal Product Manager, AWS Identity and Access Management