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Now Available: Videos and Slide Decks from the re:Invent 2015 Security and Compliance Track

Whether you want to review a Security and Compliance track session you attended at re:Invent 2015, or you want to experience a session for the first time, videos and slide decks from the Security and Compliance track are now available.

SEC201: AWS Security State of the Union: How Should We All Think About Security?

SEC202: If You Build It, They Will Come: Best Practices for Securely Leveraging the Cloud

SEC203: Journey to Securing Time Inc.’s Move to the Cloud

SEC204: AWS GovCloud (US) Not Just for Govies: Meeting Requirements for US-Only Access

SEC205: Learn How to Hackproof Your Cloud Using Native AWS Tools

SEC301: Strategies for Protecting Data Using Encryption in AWS

SEC302: IAM Best Practices to Live By

SEC303: Architecting for End-to-End Security in the Enterprise

SEC304: Architecting for HIPAA Compliance on AWS

SEC305: How to Become an IAM Policy Ninja in 60 Minutes or Less

SEC306: Defending Against DDoS Attacks

SEC307: A Progressive Journey Through AWS IAM Federation Options: From Roles to SAML to Custom Identity Brokers

SEC308: Wrangling Security Events in The Cloud

SEC310: Splitting the Check on Compliance and Security: Keeping Developers and Auditors Happy in the Cloud

SEC312: Reliable Design and Deployment of Security and Compliance

SEC313: Security and Compliance at Petabyte Scale: Lessons from the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilot

SEC314: New Launch! AWS Config/Config Rules: Use AWS Config Rules to Improve Governance over Configuration Changes to Your Resources

SEC315: AWS Directory Service Deep Dive

SEC316: Harden Your Architecture with Security Incident Response Simulations

SEC318: AWS CloudTrail Deep Dive

SEC320: AWS Security Beyond the Host: Leveraging the Power of AWS to Automate Security and Compliance

SEC321: AWS for the Enterprise: Implementing Policy, Governance, and Security for Enterprise Workloads

SEC323: New Launch! Securing Web Applications with AWS WAF

SEC324: New Launch! Introducing Amazon Inspector: Security Insights into Your Application Deployments

SEC325: Satisfy PCI Obligations While Continuing to Innovate

SEC326: Security Science Using Big Data

SEC401: Encryption Key Storage with AWS KMS at Okta

SEC402: Enterprise Cloud Security via DevSecOps 2.0

SEC403: Timely Security Alerts and Analytics: Diving into AWS CloudTrail Events by Using Apache Spark on Amazon EMR