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AWS certification path from basic to more advanced categories

A Guide To Upskilling Your Small or Medium Business Employees’ Cloud Computing Knowledge

If you’ve managed a small or medium business (SMB) in the last few years, you likely had these common thoughts: “Three employees retired during the height of the pandemic and we should have done a better job of documenting their work processes. All of that knowledge has either been lost or fragmented across different teammates.” […]

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AWS Launches a New, Commitment-Free Program to Help Digitize Small and Medium Businesses

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are the engine room of the Asia-Pacific economy, with 132 million SMBs across APJ (Asia Pacific and Japan) accounting for over 97 percent of all businesses and employing over half of the workforce across the region. SMBs need to seize the opportunities in the digital economy as the Asia-Pacific Economic […]

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Why Small and Medium Businesses Should Invest in IT Training to Accelerate Growth

The success of some modern businesses relies on a smart IT strategy that incorporates business requirements and relevant technologies. Many organizations, however, struggle in translating business needs into effective IT investments and operation plans. That is often because they don’t have the skills they need to build and deliver effective transformation. IT talent is sparse […]