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Meet the CEO Who Helps His Medium Sized Business Grow Faster in the Cloud

Transforming your own business to help your customers transform theirs is smart business. Our team at Amazon Web Services (AWS) worked with Paymerang, a 200+ employee company based in Virginia, USA, to help them add new capabilities, improve security, and deliver new customer solutions, faster. We recently talked with CEO Nasser Chanda about how his company’s cloud journey helped enable rapid innovation.

Solving business challenges with cloud

Q: Nasser, could you describe Paymerang’s business and how your technology empowers your customers?

A: We’re in the business of providing finance automation for the modern enterprise—we help our clients simplify their accounts payable processes, from invoice receipt all the way to payment delivery. We service healthcare organizations, educational institutions, non-profits, public sector enterprises, manufacturing companies, and financial institutions from coast to coast. Our technology helps them streamline time consuming manual processes, so they have more time to focus on their mission.

Q: When you originally sought out AWS solutions, you wanted to solve specific business challenges common to many medium-sized businesses. Can you talk about those?

A: We provide mission-critical automation solutions to our clients. They expect our platform to be scalable, performant, and available 24/7 to run their businesses. We really wanted to go cloud native to be able to add new services, like data analytics and machine learning, quickly so we could help our clients provide best-in-class services to their patients, students, and customers. We also wanted to provide constant innovation to push healthcare, education, manufacturing, and services forward in America. We needed security as well and we really found it with AWS.

Secure cloud solutions

Q: A common reason for leveraging the cloud is to take advantage of security capabilities inherent in the AWS platform. Can you describe how security factors into your cloud solutions?

A: Finance departments today are being tasked to do more with less. That requires the automation of as many manual processes as you can find. Rapid innovation and feature additions require close attention to security. Payments and finance teams are being hit with fraud incidents, cyberattacks, and compliance demands. We’re able to deliver a secure environment with best practices that have been tested over time by global organizations.

Watch Paymerang’s cloud transformation story (2:38)

Preparing for future growth with AWS

Q: Paymerang is growing rapidly, can you share with other CEOs how your business utilized AWS Cloud solutions to scale your business?

A: We’re a fast-growing company—growing at 50% plus a year in a white-space market that has over USD15 billion market in opportunity. We’re in the early innings and wanted a platform that would grow with us over the next few decades. By upskilling our team through AWS Training and Certification, we’re able to iterate faster. Our engineering team is able to release features quickly, gather invaluable customer feedback, and make further refinements to delight our users. This cycle of rapid innovation provides a tremendous boost to our clients and the industries they operate in. Deployment times have been reduced by four. We’ve also reduced our Recovery Time Objective by approximately five times while achieving data and system resilience. Additional security tools such as Amazon GuardDuty have been deployed which have not only strengthened the company’s security posture but have the second order benefit of speeding up our audits.

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Q: How has your cloud journey helped you become more competitive and better serve your customers?

A: AWS is customer obsessed, just like Paymerang is customer obsessed. There’s an amazing cultural fit we have. With that customer obsession comes speed of innovation and solutions to new problems that are delivered on demand. That’s changing healthcare in America. That’s improving education in America. It’s making manufacturers in America more competitive through the services that we provide through AWS. This creates jobs and moves us forward. And, because a lot of the vendors that we pay on behalf of our clients are small businesses, it makes America run. After all, the engine of America is small businesses.

Working with AWS means that we’re providing our people with the best tools and resources to help our customers. It gives our people hope and inspiration to grow and learn new technologies while advancing their careers with the most modern tools. Moreover, we’ve been able to create customized professional development programs, in concert with AWS, for our team members.

Next steps

Paymerang has been able to do more to build its business with cloud services. For many small and medium-sized organizations, the cloud offers an effective way to leverage new technologies and solutions to become more efficient, grow faster, and better serve customers. Learn more about how we can help financial services small and medium businesses.

Anastasia Moryakova

Anastasia Moryakova

Anastasia Moryakova is an Account Manager at AWS where she oversees a variety of SMB accounts, including Paymerang. She graduated from New York University and is based in New York (US).

Nasser Chanda

Nasser Chanda

Nasser Chanda is CEO of Paymerang. He leads a passionate group of payment specialists, developers, salespeople, customer service representatives and business leaders. Paymerang serves the most loyal customers in the healthcare, education, financial services, media, manufacturing and service industries, striving to surprise and delight them each and every day.