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Modeling Spread of Infectious Disease Using Spatial Simulations on AWS

Spatial simulations compute the motion and behavior of dynamic entities across 2D and 3D virtual environments. These simulations allow users to explore how the behaviors of individual actors and interactions amongst a group of actors can lead to emergent spatial patterns. The authors of the blog see customers using spatial simulations for use cases such […]

A person in a virtual reality headset is interacting with a digital avatar.

How to Host Cross-Platform XR Experiences on AWS

As a Spatial Computing Prototyping Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS), I need to quickly build prototypes and proofs of concept to validate customer use cases. Whether I am building cross-platform Extended Reality (XR) experiences for meetings, for industrial training, or for multiplayer gaming, I can quickly provision AWS cloud resources on-demand to suit my […]

Building an OpenXR Enabled Unreal Engine VR Server on AWS

BUILD, DELIVER, MANAGE BLOG SERIES: BUILD Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) are seeing explosive growth. Together referred to as Extended Reality (XR), AR and VR are gaining interest from consumers and developers alike; with a report from Omdia estimating that consumer spend on VR content will be worth $7.5 billion […]