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Always On, Always Fast, Always Reliable: Building Customer Trust at Tito

Tito is a web application for selling tickets online that focuses strongly on user experience for both event organizers and their attendees. The core of a great user experience is trust. For a web application, that starts with reliability. In this blog post, the CTO explains how they’ve built a zero-downtime infrastructure to maximize reliability and customer trust.

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Architecture II: Distributed Data Stores

Why does AWS have so many data storage options? Which one is right for me? These are commonly asked customer questions. In this three-part blog series, I will attempt to provide some clarity. In the first part, I discussed the basics of high availability and how redundancy is a common way of achieving it. I also briefly mentioned that bringing redundancy to the data tier introduces new challenges. In this second part of the blog series, I discuss some of those challenges and common tradeoffs that you need to take into consideration while overcoming them.