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SiteMinder CTO on Innovation, Working in Sydney, Closing in on 1,000 Employees

In 2006, Mike Ford and Mike Rogers were working together at a health tech startup digitizing paper-based claims sent from hospitals to medical funds. At the time, Ford had an investment in a local hostel through which he gained unique insight into how the Internet was disrupting hospitality management. He experienced the struggles of hoteliers who couldn’t connect their systems with online booking sites to centrally manage their rates and availability, and drew a striking resemblance to the conversion problems that he and Rogers were solving between hospitals and medical funds. Ford quickly worked with Rogers to build what would become their flagship product. From that, SiteMinder was born.

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Ambyint illustrated diagram of oil and gas wells

Digitizing Oil & Gas: How Ambyint Brings AI-Powered Efficiency to Well Optimization

Ambyint, a Calgary- and Houston-based startup focused on oil & gas well optimization and automation, provides an artificial lift automation and optimization solution to engineering and operations teams that scales production workflows using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and physics-based mathematics. AWS recently caught up with Ambyint CEO Alex Robart to learn more about what trends he sees in the oil & gas industry, how Ambyint differentiates itself, and where the company goes next.

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Glia inc cofounders chat about digitizing customer service

How Glia Combines Technology with a Human Touch

Prior to co-founding Glia in 2012, Justin DiPietro and Dan Michaeli were working with Accenture. Though their original project was to figure out how this retailer could compete against rising e-commerce rivals, they quickly realized that the company’s greatest strength was not its prices, but rather its employees. Realizing they needed to compete with the convenience of online rivals, DiPietro explains, the business needed to find a way to “bring the in-person customer experience online.”

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Ensuring Your Startup is “Enterprise Ready”

When thinking of two types of businesses that are at odds, startups versus enterprises would be a pair that quickly comes to mind. But what if you’re a B2B entrepreneur that serves these enterprises as customers? This question and more was what a handful of early-stage entrepreneurs were looking to learn the answers to at a recent event hosted at the AWS San Francisco Loft.

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