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Living to Love Local: Matt Doka of Fivestars on Boosting Small Businesses with Amazon RDS

These days, the sense of community has become all more important. Small businesses, often seen as the backbone of local economies, have been hit especially hard. Founded in 2011, Fivestars if here to help that exact segment, offering a payment and loyalty platform that takes the heavy lifting off the plate of those managing these businesses.

Toast Co-Founder on Scalability, the Boston Food Scene, and Where Toast Is Headed Next

Boston-based Toast is a cloud-technology platform that was “purpose-built for the restaurant industry,” says Aman Narang, President and Co-founder of Toast. We recently sat down with Narang to chat about restaurant industry trends, why they picked Boston to headquarter in, what challenges they’re facing, and what’s on the roadmap ahead.

SiteMinder CTO on Innovation, Working in Sydney, Closing in on 1,000 Employees

In 2006, Mike Ford and Mike Rogers were working together at a health tech startup digitizing paper-based claims sent from hospitals to medical funds. At the time, Ford had an investment in a local hostel through which he gained unique insight into how the Internet was disrupting hospitality management. He experienced the struggles of hoteliers who couldn’t connect their systems with online booking sites to centrally manage their rates and availability, and drew a striking resemblance to the conversion problems that he and Rogers were solving between hospitals and medical funds. Ford quickly worked with Rogers to build what would become their flagship product. From that, SiteMinder was born.

protel hotelsoftware GmbH’s Journey to the Cloud

My friend Manfred Osthues and I developed the concept behind protel, including an early version of its GUI. When we showed our work to potential customers, every single hotel that saw our prototype wanted to know when the full PMS would be available. Since then, protel has maintained a steady set of core principles. But staying true to our vision has meant overhauling our software—sometimes radically—as the hospitality industry and its approach to technology have changed.

Curing Heartbreak with Hong Kong-based Startup Breakup Tours

Curing Heartbreak with Hong Kong-based Startup Breakup Tours

For Stephen Chung, Co-founder and CEO of Breakup Tours, travel is the best medicine for heartbreak. The Hong Kong-based travel activity app recommends travel itineraries for customers based on the emotions they experience after a breakup, whether it’s anger, sadness, or something else. As the app gathers customer data, it becomes more intelligent with its recommendations. Chung shares what inspired him to found the company, why its technology is relevant, and what his vision is for its future.

Fornova Helps Top Hotels Maximize Online Bookings

The way travelers book their lodging has changed dramatically as Internet commerce has become more secure and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) have grown in popularity. Customers benefit from speedy price comparisons and easy-to-read rating systems. Hotels, however, can’t always keep pace with the rapidly evolving virtual world and miss out on direct bookings while struggling to partner with third-party sites. Enter Fornova, which addresses this gap in the hospitality space with technology that scans, extracts, and analyzes millions of pieces of data from the online marketplace.