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The Simplest, Yet Most Powerful Trait: Trust


Data practically runs through the veins of Steven Mih, CEO of open source data orchestration startup Alluxio. He’s a serial startup CEO with more than two decades in the distributed data world. At Alluxio, Mih was brought in as CEO to take an open source project that came out of U.C. Berkeley’s AMP lab, and help scale the software and the startup around the world. The best way Mih has found to work with his team to do just that, involves trust, over-communication, and a little email hack that reminds him to follow-up on just about everything in his busy life. “Being a a startup CEO is extremely challenging and fun,”Mih says. “But the hard part for everyone is there are a lot of changing realities, and as CEO you need to make sure you overcommunicate about what is happening, and what has not changed as well.”