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What’s Hot at AWS Pop-up Lofts in January

Start the year on the right foot by learning more about AWS! Highlighted events include FinTech Loft Talks, an IoT Hack Day sponsored by Intel, and much more. With topics ranging from DynamoDB to OCaml, there’s something you can learn to hit the ground running in 2016. Below are just some of the events you’ll find at the AWS Pop-up Lofts this month.

AWS Loft SF January 2016

San Francisco: Featured Loft Events in January

FinTech Loft Talks
Leaders from the financial services industry will discuss challenges impacting the marketplace, including elevated customer expectations, making use of big data, the shifting compliance landscape, and information security threats. Speakers from Coinbase, Robinhood, and Tradier will present.
Tuesday, January 12; 6:00PM [San Francisco]

DynamoDB Day at the SF Loft
Join us at the SF Loft to learn more about DynamoDB! We’ll show you how to get started, design patterns, and finally how to build your own location-aware recommendation engine!
Wednesday, January 20; 3PM [San Francisco]

Behind the Scenes with Hudl: Development in the Multiverse
Hudl powers coaching and analysis for over one hundred thousand sports teams worldwide, primarily through video. Over the past seven years Hudl has grown on AWS from a large monolithic app to a broad set of microservices. In building these services Hudl has developed a novel platform, collectively called Multiverse, that enables developers to switch testing environments rapidly during dev/test, and streamlines deployment. This talk will focus on Hudl’s path from monolith to multiverse, share lessons learned, and discuss some of our unique approaches to microservices.
Friday, January 15, 2PM [San Francisco]

New York: Featured Loft Events in January

IoT Hack Day: AWS Pop-up Loft Hack Series-Sponsored by Intel
Join developers, AWS engineers, and other cloud ninjas for an IoT Hack Day from the AWS Pop-up Loft Hack Series. Hackers will learn how to build connected devices using Intel Edison and Grove Starter Kit.
Friday, January 8; 10AM [New York]

The Adjacent Practical — How AWS Enabled Us to Use an Unconventional Language (OCaml)
Pegged Software has chosen to OCaml as their primary programming language. OCaml is an unconventional choice, and lacks a large user base and the plethora of libraries that go along with a more widely adopted language. Pegged, a small startup, was able to choose OCaml as their primary language because they build on top of AWS. Hear why they chose OCaml, why their AWS usage is key to this decision, and the importance of being able to choose non-mainstream ideas.
Tuesday, January 12; 6:30PM [New York]

From Monolithic to Microservices: Evolving Architecture Patterns at Gilt
Gilt, an e-commerce company, implements a microservices architecture on AWS to handle millions of customers visiting every day at noon. The microservices pattern enables greater team autonomy, individual resource elasticity, faster deployments, better fault isolation, and more graceful degradation. In this session, Zachary Cohn, principal engineer at Gilt, will share Gilt’s experiences in managing hundreds of Scala/Java microservices deployed in the cloud.
Wednesday, January 27; 6:30PM [New York]