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New AWS Digital Classroom courses help you build in-depth skills in flexible, self-paced format

Have you been wanting to advance your skills and knowledge on AWS services, but haven’t had the time to sit in an instructor-led classroom course? Customers have indicated that attending a multi-day class at specific times of the day can be difficult when they are already challenged to manage the demands of their jobs. Individuals say they want to attend an instructor-led classroom course but can’t be out of the office, can’t travel, courses aren’t at conducive times, or they have personal commitments keeping them from attending in person.

We understand the delicate balance of wanting to build your knowledge with in-depth training and advance your career with the demands of life and your job limiting your time to learn. So, how can Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training and Certification help?

We’ve launched AWS Digital Classroom courses to help you build the same knowledge and skills that you would with instructor-led classroom offerings, but in a self-paced digital format.

AWS Digital Classroom courses give you flexibility so you can learn where and when you want, at your own pace, and still benefit from an expert AWS instructor. Read on to learn how you can build your AWS Cloud skills and expertise with AWS Digital Classroom courses.

Go deep with expert AWS instructors

Digital Classroom courses are based on single- or multi-day AWS Classroom courses focused on multiple, integrated topics and/or solutions that go deeper into a focused topical area. Digital Classroom courses feature video recordings of expert AWS instructors with deep technical knowledge interacting with the course materials and the same hands-on lab exercises used in the instructor-led classroom course. You can also review transcripts and video demonstrations and take knowledge checks and pre- and post-course assessments to identify areas of strengths and areas that may require additional study.

You control the pace

AWS Digital Classroom courses are delivered in a digital format so you control the speed you consume the course content. Pause, rewind, or fast-forward to focus on areas that are more important to you, including skimming content that you are already comfortable with, or revisiting specific lectures or labs multiple times where you want to dive deep. Plus, courses are regularly updated providing you a simplified way to keep up to date with changes in AWS products and best practices.

screenshot of two expert AWS instructors teaching the Architecting on AWS course

Expert AWS instructors teaching the Architecting on AWS course

You set the schedule

AWS Digital Classroom courses allow you to set your own specific learning schedule. You can consume the courses in one sitting, or in smaller increments over multiple days, weeks, or even months, giving you the flexibility to achieve your goals at your own pace. Organizations with a large number of global employees who need to be trained can learn together and strengthen their cloud skills simultaneously in a flexible format, setting their own schedule.

Start learning now

AWS Digital Classroom courses are now available with AWS Skill Builder Team and Individual annual subscriptions. Dive into the following Digital Classroom courses now. Course materials are delivered in English and the included hands-on labs are available in multiple languages, allowing you to choose your preferred language available to complete the lab. We’ll continue to expand the portfolio, bringing you more Digital Classroom courses in both English and various languages over time.

Take a look at what our customers say about Digital Classroom courses:

“I enjoyed using AWS Digital Classrooms. The fast-forwarding and rewinding features made it very easy to learn from the content. Knowing that the courses are regularly updated gave me confidence that the information is current. The on-demand setup and self-paced content was great—much more flexible than traditional instructor-led training alone. Being able to schedule learning around my personal and professional schedule was a huge advantage,” said Richard Ackerman, Vice President, WFD & Educational Services, Red River.

“We used AWS Digital Classroom to make sure our team learns things that are useful for our projects. The flexible and self-paced learning was important for our continuous development. Thanks to courses like AWS Security Best Practices, Architecting on AWS, and Developing on AWS, our DevOps team improved our security and marketplace functions. Also, our full-stack developers learned more about AWS, helping us deploy applications better. The overall learning experience has also fostered a stronger collaborative and innovative spirit within our team. Now, our Live and Video Commerce SaaS product, LORA, follows AWS’s best security practices and infrastructure setup,” said Thanh Chinh Ban, VP Engineering, BeLive

Learn more about our AWS Digital Classroom course offerings today.