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Grow your cloud skills with 19 new hands-on AWS Builder Labs

We’re pleased to share that we’ve released 19 new AWS Builder Labs this month, specifically geared to help individuals in developer, cloud architect, cloud engineer, and cloud administrator roles reinforce their learning across various topics including Containers, Developing, Serverless, Networking, Security and AWS Well-Architected Framework. These new AWS Builder Labs are part of our collection of 150+ self-paced labs in AWS Skill Builder subscription.

What are AWS Builder Labs?

AWS Builder Labs help learners gain technical AWS Cloud skills via hands-on, interactive learning in an AWS Management Console practice environment. With guided exercises and step-by-step instructions, AWS Builder Labs help individuals develop practical skills for common cloud scenarios. You receive a sandbox AWS account for the duration of the lab and there is no need for you to use your own AWS account and risk accruing unwanted charges.

Learners repeatedly tell us that they learn best and can apply their knowledge most effectively in their daily work when they can get hands-on with AWS services. Our new labs are part of our catalog of 150+ AWS Builder Labs in the AWS Skill Builder online learning center. With a Skill Builder subscription, you can access all the AWS Builder labs, as well as AWS Cloud Quest, AWS Industry Quest, AWS Jam Journey, and AWS exam prep resources.

Explore the newly released AWS Builder Labs, by topic

Cloud Strategy (Well-Architected Framework)

AWS Well-Architected helps cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for a variety of applications and workloads. To help build these skills, we have added the following three labs.


We have added the following lab to our portfolio of eight container-focused AWS Builder Labs.


In our 10 new, intermediate labs, developers gain a well-rounded, hands-on experience of using AWS services to build, configure, and test event-driven, serverless applications.


From creating and configuring VPC, to manually setting up a firewall, and implementing network firewall rules, the following two new labs offer great hands-on learning for learners.

  • Amazon VPC Networking Basics: In this fundamental lab, create an Amazon VPC and configure it to connect a hosted Amazon EC2 in a private subnet to public resources.
  • AWS Network Firewall Fundamentals: In this fundamental lab, set up a firewall with necessary network infrastructure configuration required to route and block traffic with AWS Network Firewall.


Troubleshooting labs help learners solve real-world problem. Managing IAM access is a critical aspect in ensuring workloads and applications on AWS cloud are secure. In addition, network and Route 53 firewall rules management is essential to secure workloads from threats. We have added the following two labs to our collection of security-focused labs.


Migrating data from on-premises servers to AWS cloud to protect data from disaster and to operate and conduct day-to-day business is critical for most customers. We have added a new lab that focuses on the data migration from on premises NFS servers.

We continue to innovate in developing new AWS Builder Labs and other hands-on learning options to help you grow your skills. Stay tuned to the AWS Training and Certification Blog for all the new offerings each month.