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ICYMI: New courses, stories, and resources from AWS Training and Certification in October 2021

Editor’s Note: Below is a summary of new courses, AWS Certification news, customer successes, and other updates from AWS Training and Certification for October 2021. Dive in and explore more training content, stories, and resources.

New AWS Classroom and AWS Digital Training courses

Foundational digital curriculum for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL and Amazon RDS PostgreSQL

Are you a database professional, student, or just curious about PostgreSQL-compatible AWS databases? If so, check out our new, 14-course, foundational curriculum, Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL and Amazon RDS PostgreSQL. This curriculum covers concepts on Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, and PostgreSQL, and introduces learners to recommendations and best practices for common database administration, maintenance, and management aspects in PostgreSQL-compatible versions of Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS. The self-paced digital curriculum spans seven hours with interactive knowledge checks, including audio and visual content. The curriculum is currently available in English and there are no prerequisites required. Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL and Amazon RDS PostgreSQL is available to everyone.

Digital course about AWS IoT Greengrass: Creating Deployments

Ever wonder how the AWS IoT Greengrass components—the software modules that help you unlock the power of your IoT devices at the edge—are created and deployed? This new, free, 90-minute course will cover all that, plus knowledge checks with detailed feedback within each module to test what you’ve learned. The intermediate-level course is intended for both business decision makers and technical audiences. Learn more and enroll in AWS IoT Greengrass: Creating Deployments today.

New four-course series on DevOps on AWS

Want to learn more about DevOps on AWS? Register for the four-course series, DevOps on AWS, to learn DevOps philosophies, practices, and tools to develop, deploy, and maintain applications in the AWS Cloud. Offered via Coursera, edX, and Udemy, the series kicks off with AWS Cloud Technical Essentials and features three new courses, providing significant interactive components involving the AWS Free Tier, allowing you to explore AWS services and concepts using AWS SDKs, AWS APIs, and the AWS Management Console. No prior AWS Cloud experience is required to take these courses and you can expect to invest approximately 12 hours per month for three months to complete the series on Coursera and edX. The DevOps on AWS courses are offered individually on Udemy.

New course to help AWS Partners develop new migration business cases

Are you a business professional at an AWS Partner Network (APN) organization who creates migration business cases to help current and potential customers understand the value of migrating to the cloud? If so, this advanced-level course, AWS Partner: Migration Business Case, is for you. An effective business case can accelerate a customer’s migration journey and can strengthen customer relationships by equipping them with the most cost-effective options to achieve their desired outcomes. This half-day classroom or digital course will explore three types of analyses that pull together the business case for moving to AWS: 1) Business value analysis, 2) Directional business case, and 3) Detailed business case. The course includes demos and reports that can be used to incorporate additional migration insights as needed. Prerequisites for this course include AWS Partner: Migrating to AWS – Business (Classroom, Digital) and AWS Cloud Economics. Learn and register today: Digital, Classroom (Partners, Amazonians)

Take your cloud skills to the next level

Empowering women in product management to build cloud skills

Advancing Women in Tech (AWIT), a global nonprofit that addresses representation gaps in tech leadership, has launched its newest training, Real-World Product Management Specialization. This specialization equips product managers and other tech professional with the skills needed to succeed in a technical, cloud-related career. The portfolio of these specializations, sponsored by AWS and available exclusively on Coursera, emphasize real-world examples and projects taught by tech-industry leaders. The training is self-paced, allowing learners to gain career skills at their own pace. Read more about AWIT’s efforts to empower women to build cloud skills.

How I survived and thrived to achieve AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Take some pointers from an AWS employee in a non-technical role about how she prepared, and ultimately earned, her AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification. She suggests knowing why you’re pursing certification, believing you can do it—even if you fail the first time—and learning your way with all the resources available. Read more about this learner’s journey to achieve AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate.

Globe Telecom builds an innovative culture with help from AWS Skills Guild

Globe Telecom, a telecommunications company and mobile network operator in the Philippines, changed its business and company culture by investing in company-wide cloud skills training. Through a focus on their people’s skills development, Globe has positioned itself for agile adaption and innovation in the telecom space and is already seeing the business benefits of skilling employees in cloud. Read more about Globe’s innovative, cloud-skills driven culture.

AWS re/Start expands to new global locations

AWS re/Start is a free, 12-week, full-time, classroom-based development and training program that prepares individuals who are unemployed or underemployed for entry-level cloud positions. re/Start is one of many programs helping Amazon train 29 million people around the world with free cloud skills training. This month, the program launched in Houston, Texas; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Alexandria, Virginia in the USA. It also launched in Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai, and Mumbai, India; Granada, Spain; Leicester and Westminster, UK; Christchurch, New Zealand; Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne, and Hamburg, Germany; Manama, Bahrain; Merida, Mexico; Bogota, Columbia; and Accra, Ghana. Specific to India, learn more about how re/Start is engaging learners across six cities to help some of India’s unemployed or underemployed population pivot to a new career and upskill talent that otherwise wouldn’t be in the cloud industry. Find a full list of participating locations and fill out our re/Start interest form to learn more and connect with graduates.

AWS Training and Certification empowers learners around the world, of various skill levels, roles, and backgrounds, to build knowledge and practical skills. We offer more than 500 free, on-demand courses that help customers learn new cloud skills and services when and where it’s convenient for them, as part of Amazon’s commitment to train 29 million people around the world with free cloud skills training. Additionally, AWS Classroom Training offers live classes with expert instructors who teach in-demand cloud skills and best practices using a mix of presentations, discussion, and interactive labs. When you’re ready to validate your skills and expertise, pursue AWS Certifications to build credibility and confidence with an industry-recognized credential across 11 solution- and role-based certifications. Our training and certification offerings cover the range of AWS services from AWS foundational skills, machine learning, security, data analytics, systems operations, AWS architecture, databases, and more. And we also help cultivate the next generation of cloud professionals through our Education Programs, including AWS Academy and AWS re/Start, which provide cloud skills training and AWS Certification opportunities to young adults and individuals re-entering the workforce.

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