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Learn to perform large-scale migrations with the newly updated Migrating to AWS course

Cloud migration continues to be one of the top priorities for organizations, and demand is expected to grow. An IDC study found that customers migrating to the AWS Cloud see several benefits, including infrastructure cost savings, an increase in IT staff productivity, a reduction in downtime, and an increase in the number of features that customers can deliver. However, migration projects are often stalled or delayed due to the lack of skilled IT professionals. 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, reports that cloud skills gaps have dramatically widened in the past three years, with 85% of organizations reporting deficits in cloud expertise in one or more cloud disciplines today, compared with just 50% in 2016. In other research, CEOs expressed that their top challenge was the lack of skills in their organizations. For companies that have been low adopters (i.e., those doing less than 30% of their work in the cloud), almost half of CEOs cited a lack of the needed skills as a barrier to success. But even for high adopters (i.e., companies doing 75% or more of their work in the cloud), three in 10 CEOs are concerned about skills shortages.

So, how can organizations identify and build the necessary AWS Cloud migration skills? AWS experts help customers perform thousands of cloud migrations every year. We’ve leveraged their first-hand experience and expertise to create the newly updated Migrating to AWS course. Individuals who attend this three-day course, led by an expert AWS instructor, will be equipped with AWS Cloud migration skills to help their organizations achieve or exceed business goals. This course is ideal for technical professionals, including solutions architects, software engineers, IT project managers, operation leads, and other individuals who are involved in planning and running migration projects.

AWS is constantly innovating and introducing new services to help simplify and accelerate cloud migrations. Migrating to AWS is now a three-day classroom course to incorporate these new services and tools. We’ve expanded the course from six modules to 15 modules and added a supplementary module to cover migration-related case studies. The new course features several new services and tools, such as the AWS Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool (CART), Migration Evaluator, CloudEndure, AWS Control Tower, multi-account strategies, and AWS Landing Zone, to name a few.

The new course aligns with the three-phase migration process (assess, mobilize, and migrate and modernize) and explains the high-level objectives, tasks, and stakeholders associated with each migration phase. The course also covers the seven migration strategies (the 7 Rs) and helps attendees evaluate which migration strategy is suitable for their specific scenario. Individuals can also learn about migration use cases ranging from server, database, and application migration, including workloads like Microsoft, SAP, and VMware Cloud on AWS.

Finally, we’ve doubled the number of hands-on labs and in-class exercises. The course labs are specifically designed to help individuals complete real-life migration tasks, starting from connecting an on-premises network and directory service to the AWS Cloud, to providing best practices for automating application deployments in large-scale migrations. With approximately 40% of the course allocated to interactive learning with hands-on labs and group exercises, attendees will learn to complete migration tasks in a real AWS environment.

We’re confident that the new course will prepare technical professionals involved in planning and running migration projects to perform large-scale migrations to the AWS Cloud. Expert AWS instructors with deep technical knowledge will help individuals break down complex topics, address specific areas of concern, and provide constructive feedback in real time. To learn more and get a detailed course outline, visit the Migrating to AWS course page.

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AWS Training and Certification builds your competence, confidence, and credibility with practical cloud-migration skills that help you boost your performance, innovate, and advance your professional future. If you’re interested in learning more about our AWS Training and Certification offerings for migration, download our AWS Ramp-Up Guide for Migration to chart your learning journey.