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Spend a day with AWS experts and learn how to build a data lake

Why build a data lake?

Did you know that the amount of digital data created over the next five years will be greater than twice the amount of data created since the advent of digital storage? We’re not only producing more data than ever, we’re also producing real-time data that is streaming from a host of sources, like social media platforms and sensors embedded in devices. In addition, that data comes in several forms: structured, like that of a customer order record, or unstructured, like a piece of text, an image, or a video.

Businesses are interested in leveraging all that data to personalize products as diverse as customer interaction experience, precision medicine, and adaptive education. But often that data is scattered among different data sources like databases and data warehouses. For data-rich organizations, the first step in developing insights from that scattered data is to gather it in a data lake. Once you compile your data lake, you can use analytics and machine learning tools to build models and derive insights from that data.

The data lakes market is growing at a compounded annual growth rate of 20.6% reaching $20.1B in 2024. That growth rate is a reflection of organizations’ desire to derive insights from scattered data. If you’re a data platform engineer, solutions architect, or an IT professional interested in expanding your portfolio of skills, our new one-day, virtual classroom course, Building Data Lakes on AWS, can help you develop the skills you need to be part of that organizational transformation.

Building Data Lakes on AWS

Building Data Lakes on AWS is an intermediate level course that will allow you to practice building a data lake in a hands-on environment with the help of expert AWS instructors. You’ll also walk through the ingestion, processing, and cataloging steps that support moving data from different sources to a data lake.

The course begins with an introduction to data lakes, helping you understand why and when to use them. You’ll explore the process of building a data lake manually, and learn to automate the process using blueprints. Our expert accredited AWS instructors will help you learn to scale your storage environments within a data lake configuration, while optimizing for cost and performance.

Along the way, you’ll learn about several AWS services that can help build a data lake such as AWS Lake Formation and AWS Glue, which can help you build a data catalog and transform data. You’ll also get to use Amazon Athena to analyze data and Amazon QuickSight to visualize data from the data lake.

Whether you attend virtually or in-person, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, work through solutions, and get real-time feedback from accredited AWS instructors with deep technical knowledge.

What resources are available if I want to learn more?

If you’re interested in learning more about our AWS Training and Certification offerings for data analytics, download our AWS Ramp-Up Guide for Data Analytics to chart your learning journey. You can also explore our library of free courses as well as several virtual instructor-led courses.